Lutsenko reprimanded the Prosecutor SUSU for lie in the Declaration

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko for lying in the Declaration and the questionnaire reprimanded the Prosecutor Dmitry SUSU and lowered it into position. This is stated in the answer of the Prosecutor General at the request of the Center for combating corruption.

Reprimand is declared for «violating the order of presentation of the Declaration» and «false claims» in the form of dobrochesnosti attorney.

Also noted that Lutsenko has satisfied the statement of Sousse «on early termination of its powers to administrative positions at will».

Recall, the investigator Dmitry WM forgot to indicate on the form the auto of premium class Audi Q7 worth more than 900 000 UAH, which, as journalists found out, officially, belonged to his 85-year-old grandmother.

The Department of the Prosecutor General, which has a WM, called the «Department Kononenko — Granovsky», in the names of deputies from BPP Igor Kononenko and Alexander Granovsky, who is credited with influence on the unit of the GPU.

In August there was a clash between employees of the Prosecutor General’s office and investigators of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), which carried out surveillance of Sousse.

In GPU declared that the surveillance was illegal, while the NAB claims that had a corresponding decision of the court to commit such actions.

In NABOO, in turn, said that the investigators of the GPU arrested them detectives were illegally detained and tortured them for many hours. In the evening he WM took them to the building of NABOO.

While none of the organizers and participants detention, abduction and torture of anti-corruption Bureau officers have not been punished. Dmitry SUS and two of his colleagues from the Department of investigation of particularly important cases in the economic sphere was suspended at the time of the official investigation. Check over on October 19. After that, the WM and his team went back to work.

Lutsenko reprimanded the Prosecutor SUSU for lie in the Declaration 24.11.2016

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