Lutsenko on the Shepelev: There is evidence that proves that he is FSB agent

Former MP Oleksandr Shepelev is an agent of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia, said in an interview the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

«We have documents that he signed his testimony as a citizen of «DNR». There are copies that prove that he is a FSB agent. The material we received through the victim advocates in our Affairs, which is a party to the processes in Russia. Copy officially withdrawn by the lawyers of the cases and attached to our materials. That is why Mr. Shepelev appeared article 110 – «treason» – said Lutsenko.

He suggested that in relation Shepeleva started the investigation in Russia.

«My version – but a version – that in Russia it also seriously persecuted and it came to arrest. So the person leaves the territory of Russia. Why in this case it selects the Ukraine?.. As a straight man I will say that, probably, to it someone has promised something. Perhaps to hide at election time, and there seems something will change. At least his statement is constantly is: «I was harassed «orange», then chased the blue. But the fact remains that he was illegally kidnapped, beaten, and we set the who», – said the Prosecutor General.

He added that at the time of arrest Shepeleva operatives of the security Service of Ukraine and military prosecutors the ex-MP was a serious beating.

«The examination confirmed that the beatings were inflicted not in the day of his arrest, and before that. That is, bruises on the face were formed in a few days,» – said Lutsenko.

According to him, Shepeleva captured and held in captivity, beaten.

«We’re investigating as to who kidnapped him, who beat. Expect from him the testimony,» – said Lutsenko.

Aleksandr Shepelev was the MP V and VI convocations. He was elected on the list of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, and in 2010 moved into the parliamentary faction of the Party of regions, which later came.

In July 2013 Shepelev was arrested in Budapest on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, embezzlement, abuse of office and other crimes. 27 may 2014 Shepelev was extradited from Hungary to Ukraine. After his return to Ukraine ex-the Deputy was treated at the Kyiv city clinical emergency hospital, from where he escaped on 6 July 2014.

March 20, 2015 it became known that Shepelev detained in Russia. This happened on the basis of the international warrant of the Interpol and request the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. In April, the GPU appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia with a request for extradition Shepeleva Kiev.

The Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has said that Russia does not issue Shepeleva because of his cooperation with the FSB.

In August 2016, it became known about the release Shepeleva Russian jail. In the same month, chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios said that in respect of Shepeleva has registered criminal proceedings on charges of treason.

In April 2017 the police of Moscow at the request of Interpol was detained again Shepeleva. Then the National police reported that the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol has sent a request to Russia’s former MP.

8 February 2018 militiamen detained Shepeleva near Kiev. According to the General Prosecutor’s office, he found the identity of the employee «MGB DNR».

According to sources of «RBK-Ukraine», Shepelev arrived in Ukraine after the announcement of him on the international wanted list in Russia, where he is suspected of attempt to bribe.

On 10 February the Pechersky regional court of Kiev arrested Shepeleva until April 8 on charges of treason. The court partially held behind closed doors. Shepelev before that said that a few days ago he was kidnapped and two days knocked information about the Ukrainian politicians and «existing oligarchs.» After that, the ex-MP allegedly dressed up and threw it in Koncha Zaspa, where he was detained by militiamen.

The seven dwarfs are also featured in the murder in 2003 of the head of the Supervisory Board of «Avtokrazbank» Sergey Kirichenko. According to TSN, the case began to investigate in absentia, as Shepelev disappeared in Russia, but now the investigation will begin again.

Lutsenko on the Shepelev: There is evidence that proves that he is FSB agent 27.02.2018

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