Lutsenko insists that there are sufficient grounds for house arrest Saakashvili

The leader of the «Movement novih forces,» Mikheil Saakashvili considers that «the law does not apply». This Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, which on December 27 broadcast «1+1».

He recalled that Saakashvili has incurred administrative responsibility in the form of a fine for breaking the boundaries in September of this year. Lutsenko believes that punishment is too soft and will offer the Verkhovna Rada to establish for such offenses criminal liability.

«Then Saakashvili carried on the wings of success if you violate the rules for everyone. If you can break through the border, why can not break through to the Verkhovna Rada? Why not require a completely illegal action on the streets? Saakashvili put himself above the law,» – said the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko said that in the forfeiture of funds of the environment ex-the President Victor Yanukovych of the GPU monitored «probable attempts of suspects or accused to cover their tracks – get in touch with the judges, prosecutors, investigators.»

«Within this track we saw that Mr Kurchenko, the man who is suspected of causing losses to the state in the amount of 14 billion UAH, came into contact with Saakashvili. Right hand Kurchenko and the right hand of Saakashvili started to negotiate about the political and financial cooperation. At one point, and Saakashvili himself called Kurchenko. All this I showed to Parliament,» he said.

The attorney General said that Saakashvili thus contributed to a criminal organization and «violated morality» because «for blood money Kurchenko, who is now cooperating with the FSB in the Donbass», organized protest rallies.

According to Lutsenko, further investigations «should result in indictments».

«Suspicion is enough. For the measure of restraint in the form of home arrest is more than enough. Let’s see what decision will take the following courts,» he said.

December 5, Lutsenko said that Saakashvili had received from Russia about $500 thousand for a financing of rallies for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. According to him, the purpose of the leader of the «Movement novih forces» the termination of the criminal proceedings against fugitive businessman Sergei Kurchenko and the restoration of its control over assets in Ukraine. The GPU has also published audio recordings of telephone conversations, allegedly confirming it.

Saakashvili assured that he is not familiar with Kurchenko, a record of the GPU called a fake.

6 Dec assistant leader of the «Movement novih forces» Severina Dangadze arrested for 60 days.

Ex-President of Georgia detained at the second attempt on the evening of 8 December. The Prosecutor demanded for the policy measure in the form of house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet.

December 11, Pechersky district court of Kiev dismissed the charges and released Saakashvili to freedom. The General Prosecutor of Ukraine filed an appeal, which must be considered on 3 January.

22 Dec and 26 Dec politician failed to appear for questioning in the SBU.

Lutsenko insists that there are sufficient grounds for house arrest Saakashvili 27.12.2017

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