Lutsenko appointed deputies and called the main goal of the GPU

First Deputy Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko appointed lawyer Dmitry Storozhuk, who is now an MP. This was at the briefing on Monday, may 30, in Kyiv declared the public Prosecutor, writes the Ukrainian truth.

«Relatively Storozhuk is my decision. I think people need to bring new people,» he said.

The attorney General Lutsenko: the task for this year — a cleansing of the system
A unit investigation will not change their leaders, I give them 100 days.
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«His authority is the Department for supervision over the observance of legality in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine», which was headed by on my orders, Colonel-General Vladimir Bedrikivsky, «- said Lutsenko.

In addition Lutsenko presented his team plans to reform the prosecution system.

So a Deputy public Prosecutor, the competence of which will include international cooperation and representation of interests of the state in the courts, became Evgeny Yenin

«35 years, three degrees, speaks three foreign languages, worked in operational positions in the intelligence Directorate of the SBU and the foreign intelligence service, now to the last day worked as the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Italian Republic», — said Lutsenko.

Another Deputy Prosecutor General, whose main task will be the reform of the GPU will be Valentina Telichenko.

«Her task is to hold new competitions in the local Prosecutor’s office … the reform of the Academy of prosecution by Western standards, the introduction of Western standards of statistics and the updates of the Ukrainian legislation», noted the Prosecutor General.

47-year-old Valentina Telichenko — Ukrainian human rights activist. Specializiruetsya on criminal and civil law and the support of cases in the European court of human rights. Member of the Board of the international charitable Fund «Revival».

Telichenko represented the interests of Lutsenko in the European court of human rights. The court ruled that the detention of Lutsenko illegal, and the case against him is politically motivated.

Also has represented and represents the ECHR the interests of Miroslava Gongadze, Nadezhda Savchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Valery Ivashchenko, the victims of the confrontation in Odessa on may 2, 2014.

Lutsenko said that the main task of his team — purification system of the Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier, the deputies of the «popular front» on the condition of anonymity reported that their faction is discussing the candidacy of his former Deputy and lawyer Dmytro Storozhuk for the post of first Deputy Prosecutor General.

As you know, Storozhuk before obtaining the Deputy mandate from March 2014 to November 2014 he was Chairman of the State Executive service, prior to this he was Deputy head of the Department of the party, and before that three years practiced law.

He graduated from the Kiev national University of internal Affairs, master of law (2008).

Yuriy Lutsenko said that Petro Shkutyak headed the working group of the office of internal security, which will deal, in particular, checking the integrity of the prosecutors.

«Peter Shkutyak headed the working group of the Department of internal security… to verify the integrity of the prosecutors, the comparison of living standards and real income of families of prosecutors, he said.

In addition, the attorney General noted that six prosecutors who are subject to lustration, will be dismissed.

Lutsenko asked three of his deputies – Yury Sevruk, Oleg Zalisko and Novel Howdo to write a letter of resignation.

«Where is Mr. Zalisko, Mr. Govda and Mr. Sevruk is the question. I was asked to write their letters of resignation», – he said.

Lutsenko added that to each of them is treated with respect, because «each in his work does what one can».

Earlier people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem after a meeting with Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor General fired three of his six deputies.

The attorney General Lutsenko: the task for this year — a cleansing of the system

Yuriy Lutsenko puts the main task for a year «cleaning of system of Prosecutor’s office».

«The job for this year — a cleansing of the system…. Hundreds of employees who act in bad faith…», — said the Prosecutor General.

According to Lutsenko, in front of structure faces a challenge to hold new competitions for positions in local prosecutors ‘ offices, the reform of the Academy of the Prosecutor’s office, the transition to Western standards of statistics, updating of legislation.

He also stressed the need to complete the investigation «for the VIP officials.»

A unit investigation will not change their leaders, I give them 100 days.

Yuriy Lutsenko said that the unit involved in the investigation, will not change their content.

«I decided that the unit of investigation does not change their leaders, … give hundred days to all the managers of the investigation,» he said.

Lutsenko said that the investigation unit will have three departments. Thus the Main investigation Department (as a Department) headed by Yury Grishchenko, the Department of special investigations — the chief of Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk (his task is to complete the work on independence and to complete investigations by officials of times of Victor Yanukovych, to refer cases to the court in the procedure of conviction).

In addition, the Department on investigation in the field of Economics was headed by Vladimir Gutsulyak.

Earlier Lutsenko reported the first changes in the GPU and reported a new management Agency.

Lutsenko appointed deputies and called the main goal of the GPU 30.05.2016

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