«LUKOIL» sells «Karpatneftekhim» Kolomoisky and Ivanchuk

The Russian oil company «LUKOIL» sells more than 25% of the enterprise «Karpatneftekhim» (Ivano-Frankivsk region) company Techinservice Limited, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky and MP from the «popular front» Andrew Ivanchuk. This should be the message of Antimonopoly Committee, which refers to «Ліга.net».

AMC gave permission to the British Techinservice Limited to purchase more than 25% Lukoil Chеmical B. V., which indirectly owns idle since 2012, the plant Karpatneftekhim.

The Antimonopoly Committee has also provided nenazvany natural person (citizen of Ukraine) the right to indirectly purchase (through a Cyprus company Xedrian Holding) more than 50% of the shares of Lukoil Chеmical B. V.

Techinservice Limited is a company registered in London. It is a subsidiary company of the company «tekhinservis», which produces Ukraine bioethanol.

Earlier in interview to «the Ukrainian truth» Kolomoisky said that he owns «Tekhinservis» along with Ivanchuk. Ivanchuk has repeatedly denied it.

Formally, a British company, recorded on Igor Suckage, head of «Production group tekhinservis». In one of the presentations this company Techinservice Limited is listed as its subsidiary.

Xedrian Holding was established in September last year. One of the main raw materials for the «Karpatneftekhim» is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In December last year at the initiative of comrade Ivanchuk in the party, the Deputy from «popular front» Oleg Krysina, the Verkhovna Rada has exempted import of LPG as raw material for the production of ethylene from excise duty.

The only producer of ethylene in Ukraine — «Karpatneftekhim».

Recall, the media and political analysts attributed Ivanchuk with former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. It is called responsible for vote parliamentary faction of the NF, while the Deputy repeatedly «caught» on «knopkodavstvo».


«Karpatneftekhim» can produce 250 thousand tons of ethylene per year. The design capacity for PVC is 300 thousand tons per year of caustic soda, 200 thousand tons of polyethylene and 100 thousand tons By the end of 2014, LUKOIL has acknowledged the loss from depreciation of assets «Karpatneftekhim», due to the unfavorable economic conjuncture in the market of Ukraine, in the amount of 411 million dollars.

«LUKOIL» sells «Karpatneftekhim» Kolomoisky and Ivanchuk 04.02.2017

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