Lukashevich: the Pathological hatred of the Russian media to the Mask is the best evidence of a deep ass in space of the Russian Federation

The Russian news Agency «RIA Novosti» published a good article about «losing a top-secret satellite Zuma» and the imminent end of SpaceX, although the company of businessman Elon musk allegedly failed launch of a satellite not affected, wrote Aviaexport Russian Vadim Lukashevich on his page in Facebook.

«Rocket Mask, the Falcon 9 has worked flawlessly: the first stage came back and sat down as necessary, and the second stage delivered the payloads – Sputnik Zuma to the desired point of the trajectory, after which safely fell into the ocean. To Mask his rocket and the SpaceX Corporation no complaints, although our media scream about auditing and not about breaking contracts. But, interestingly, the plans of SpaceX launches are no transfers of the following competitions did not happen, as it usually happens in case of accident of the carrier rocket» – he said.

Aviaekspert added that, according to Russian media, the satellite separates from the second stage of the rocket and fell along with it because of the adapter, which was developed by the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

«The adapter developer and the satellite Corporation Northrop Grumman silent. It happens in the case of a success, but the secret launch. It turns out that Musk with his rocket innocent and all the fault of Northrop Grumman? Don’t hurry because… no official reports about the loss of the satellite Zuma no! Is it just a rumor… the American service space control took to support an object on the current orbit of the «lost» satellite Zuma (2018-001A/43098/USA-280 in the catalog NORAD). If all together with the second stage fell into the ocean, then that flies in orbit?» – he stressed.

Lukashevich added that the presence of a companion Zuma raises questions because of its purpose and design there is no information except the satellite costs of $1.5 billion.

«This is a very unordinary price, showing the uniqueness of the device. What is this apparatus? It is clear that something very experimental, but what? In this respect there are different assumptions, including a very interesting one. For example, it was not Sputnik at all, and hypersonic aircraft, and it wasn’t the launch of the satellite, and atmospheric tests hypersonic flying laboratory. And in orbit to look for, in General, and nothing, and then taken NORAD’ω control of a space object – the service element hypersonic laboratory,» he suggested.

The expert concluded that no information about the satellite Zuma no, SpaceX is going well, Northrop Grumman and the official sources are silent, the us military is tracking a satellite in orbit, and the Russian media at this time «rage in a rabid propaganda stupor, choking on bile in the address Mask».

«Pathological hatred «RIA news» Elon musk is the best evidence of a deep ass in national cosmonautics development», – he concluded.

Lukashevich: the Pathological hatred of the Russian media to the Mask is the best evidence of a deep ass in space of the Russian Federation 10.01.2018

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