Lukashenko’s foreign policy: we go where doors are open

Belarus has no other way than to develop a multi-vector policy. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with the representatives of Belarusian and foreign mass media, BelTA has learned.

«We have no fate, how to build our foreign policy as multi-vector, — Lukashenka noted. — It was my strict requirement — the multi-vector policy, I intuitively felt it».

However, the President noted that «we have not all turned out with this multi-vector». «You know, not to repeat myself flew on one wing. Where arrived also know. So we, being now at the epicenter (not even in Central Europe) across the Eurasian continent, have no other way than to develop a multi-vector policy, Lukashenka is convinced. — In folk language is traditional, according to our mentality the concept — we need to be friends with all our neighbors. Us neither Russia, nor Ukraine, nor Poland, nor Lithuania nor Latvia are not strangers. Because they are our neighbors. Point. Nothing else to say, although you can put a comma and list much.»

«As on the vectors, we have an open economy. What do we do? If they could, our neighbors, to sell all (which is produced in the country — learned) in order to live a normal life (45% or half), then it is not necessary to go far in this arc, as I was recently criticized some of which went to Egypt, the Sudan, — continued the head of state. — To lobby for their products go, no matter how embarrassing it was to say. Go where the doors are open. Thank God, recently opened the doors of many, here’s where we’re going. And none of the President’s trip unprofitable.»

Lukashenko also said that his country is not so dependent on Russian oil, as sure in Moscow, and can do without netpostback from Russia. «Why cling to live, why to take us by the throat. It is clear that without Russian oil we can do», he said.
Lukashenko added that though it will be hard, but «freedom and independence is not measured any values».

«We will still find a way. In Russia, unfortunately, do not understand,» — said Lukashenko. Lukashenko also noted that Belarus will be able to buy enough crude oil to other countries, such as Venezuela.

We will remind, Belarus from February 1 to raise tariffs for the transit of Russian oil in response to the unwillingness of Russia to reduce the gas price. The gas dispute began in 2016, when Belarus unilaterally decided that the price of $132 per 1 thousand cubic metres was unfair and paid Russian fuel at the rate of $73 per 1 thousand cubic meters.

Actually, that is when Russia started to limit the volume of oil deliveries. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the debt of the Belarusian side is estimated at $550 million, but progress in the negotiations about the gas payment at the original formula is missing.

The Belarusian political scientist Alexander Klaskouski believes that Belarus is preparing for a long standoff, so as to Minsk, the issue of gas prices is fundamental. But the Russian-Belarusian relations, according to klaskovsky, is not transparent, and therefore difficult to predict their development, UNIAN reports.

Note, February 1, Russia has decided to establish a border zone on the borders of Smolensk, Pskov and Bryansk oblasts to Belarus. The representative of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Maria Vanshina said that Russia did not warn the Republic of its decision to do so.

Lukashenko’s foreign policy: we go where doors are open 03.02.2017

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