Lukashenka laments that too «spoiled» Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declares that he is the main defender of the rights of people in the Republic, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«I was criticized, there are human rights… Chief Ombudsman — the obscene is the word is the President. I never let not fair to do that to a person. For us it is a top priority for the whole vertical of power», — said Lukashenko at a press conference for Russian regional media in Minsk on Thursday, November 17.

However, the head of state noted that Belarusians are a bit spoiled. «Frankly, we the people spoiled a bit. Because, well, the people’s President… Who supports me? Ordinary people, first and foremost. And I’m pretty was bound and protected, guarded, that no one was hurt,» — said Lukashenko.

«I have people directly saying, you spoiled little President», — he added.

In this connection Lukashenka raised the issue of salaries in the country. «Next year we need to die not to rise, but you have to go to $ 500 (average wages – ed.). 500 here we go. Next year we will reach this figure or move closer. I will do everything to reach 500,» — concluded Lukashenko.

We will note, in April 2016 Lukashenko issued a decree to raise by three years the retirement age for citizens of Belarus. The decree, which was published on the website of the President, was called «On improving pension provision».

Lukashenka laments that too «spoiled» Belarus 17.11.2016

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