Lozhkin has calculated that Ukraine will attract up to $ 5 billion investment: a need for individual States to investors»

Ukraine next year will be able to attract 3-5 billion dollars investment.

About this in Facebook wrote the head of Kazinvestcapital Boris Lozhkin.

«I hope that in the next year, the National investment Council will be able to implement several major institutional initiatives, and to attract 3-5 billion. The potential and opportunities for a good start we have,» he said.

Lozhkin said that economic growth is not possible without a serious influx of foreign investment.

«Only a significant amount of foreign capital will create the necessary multi-year increase in GDP of 6.5-9% per year. But there is a problem. Ukraine is currently not able to offer ready investment projects that could be invested, for example, 5-10 billion dollars», — said the head of Kazinvestcapital.

According to him, the solution to the problem of attracting investment is not only in finding investors. It is extremely important to create a system that is able to produce large-scale investment projects.

«We need to change the attitude of the investors in the entire vertical of power. The state must become customer-centric – not only to inform investors about where to invest money, but also offer projects and solutions. And of course, to accompany their implementation. One of the priorities of the National investment Council is creating the right environment for investors», — said Lozhkyn.

«For example, in some North African countries (those that show a steady rise, of course) there is a practice of signing direct contracts between the government and large investors. They are at the level of Prime Minister or President — with a particular investor and a particular project. In fact, so the government signs a legal guarantee for this investment in the country. This individual approach of the state to investors in Ukraine could seriously change their attitude towards our country», — said Lozhkyn.

We will remind, the President Petro Poroshenko on August 29 announced the resignation of Borys Lozhkin as head of the AP and has appointed instead of Ihor Rainin.

Poroshenko said that this Lozhkin remains the adviser of the head of state and a member of the national Council of reforms. Later in a speech at the Council itself Lozhkin noted that the new Investment Council under the President will hold the position of Secretary.

Lozhkin has calculated that Ukraine will attract up to $ 5 billion investment: a need for individual States to investors» 11.09.2016

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