Lower prices on cardiac medications will be gradual

The process of reducing prices for medicines for cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, and bronchial asthma will take place gradually. It is reported by Government portal.

«Despite the significant amount of residues of drugs in pharmacy networks, the government took the decision to extend the sale of the remnants of the drugs at the old prices until 1 April 2017. A new batch of drugs received by pharmacies from February 1, will be sold at new reduced prices», — stated in the message.

In the Cabinet explained that according to the government decisions from February 2017, the business entities engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade of medicines from cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and asthma, reduced drug prices on average by 15-30%.

The next stage of reduction of prices for these medicines will be held in March. Thus, the prices of medicines in Ukraine will be gradually reduced to the level of drug prices in the neighbouring countries (reference countries).

«A gradual decline in prices for medicines will provide a comfortable transition to the state regulation of prices for medicines and implementation of the programme of reimbursement of their cost, to avoid drug shortages and inconveniences for citizens», — stated in the message.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that there is a special group for monitoring reduction of prices on medicines.

Lower prices on cardiac medications will be gradual 06.02.2017

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