Lortkipanidze accused the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of sabotaging reforms

The head of the Odessa regional Department of the National police of Ukraine Giorgi Lortkipanidze announced the fact of deducing from-under his subordination three key divisions — crimes, events and ired, in the reform which he had encountered particular resistance and opposition from the top leadership of the interior Ministry in Kiev.

About it Lordkipanidze wrote in Facebook.

«From my direct subordination were removed several key departments, particularly the Department of fight against economic crime, the Office of combating drug crime and Miriany registration and examination Department of the state traffic Inspectorate,» said Lordkipanidze.

At the same time, he noted that managed to completely change the rules of the game inside SEPL. «Today is unlikely to find in Odessa the man who could say that in my study continues the collection of common Fund for police leaders. For seven months we have 535 police fired, prevented 13 cases of corruption in their ranks, have detained dozens of officials», said Lordkipanidze.

The head of the regional Department of police noted that «for the first time since independence the Ukrainian police appeared gasoline and paper that you had to buy at their own expense. During these 7 months we managed to break a criminal scheme whereby the Department of internal Affairs previously was the main participant in the protection racket, smuggling, illegal casinos, centers on the translation of non-cash funds into cash».

At the same time, the General noted Lordkipanidze, «we have met, unfortunately, resistance is not only among corrupt police officers, around us formed a crime syndicate from different representatives of the courts and individual members of the political elite, for whom our activity is the threat of personal enrichment and business as usual corruption schemes and flows».

According to him, another «striking example of sabotage reforms — the situation with the police chief on the market «7 km»: everyone knows what is going on there, despite my attempts to fire him failed».

Recall that after his appointment, Lordkipanidze said about gratitude to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, which allowed the Odessa police chief to complete the management staff of gumvd of Ukraine in Odessa region at their discretion.

Lortkipanidze accused the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of sabotaging reforms 21.02.2016

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