London published a «White paper» and a plan for Brexit

The UK government has published on its website an official political document, known as the «White paper» which outlines a plan for the country’s exit from the European Union.

On Thursday, February 2, reports the BBC.

«In the White paper presented the 12 principles of the government (relative to the Brexit), including migration control and taking control of our own laws», — stated in the message.

David Davis — the Minister responsible for Brexit, at the book’s presentation to Parliament stated that «the best days of the UK is still ahead» for the EU.

In turn, the labour party said that the document «does not say anything» and it was submitted too late for proper scrutiny».

In comments to the «White book» on the website of the UK government also States that «this document provides an opportunity for Parliament and the country to see clearly what we are trying to achieve in the process of negotiating our withdrawal from the EU and the new partnership with the European Union».

«This document confirms the vision of the Prime Minister is relatively independent, truly global, promising future relations of Britain with the EU», — is emphasized on the website of the British government.

Earlier it was reported that the plan of British Prime Minister Theresa may on the UK exit from the European Union received the first approval in the Parliament.

The document still needs to be approved in the second and final reading to become effective.

London published a «White paper» and a plan for Brexit 02.02.2017

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