London published a bill on Brexit

The UK government has published a bill that starts the process of withdrawal from the European Union.

So, the bill gives the Prime Minister Theresa may powers entry into force of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which regulates the process of withdrawal from the EU. The document must obtain the approval of the British Parliament, reports «BBC Russian».

The debate on the bill will begin next week. It is expected that the deputies will make additions and amendments.

The Cabinet of Ministers will work towards a speedy adoption of the law to be able to operate 50 article until the end of March, as promised may earlier.

The government was forced to develop a bill after the country’s Supreme court decided that to start the procedure of exit from the EU is impossible without the approval of Parliament. Earlier the same decision was reached by the High court in London.

25 Jan Mei promised that the government will publish a white paper with final version of the plan at the exit of Britain from the EU. «White paper» in the English-speaking countries it is customary to call the final version of the document clarifying government policy on a particular issue.

Many MPs demand to publish a white paper before the bill.

Last week Mei also delivered a keynote speech on the plan of «breccia». She stated that Britain will not be able to stay within the framework of the European single market and the customs Union after secession from the EU.

Mei also said that in General supports the idea of free trade with the EU, but you will need to sign a new EU agreement.

British Prime Minister also stated the need for control over immigration from EU countries.

London published a bill on Brexit 26.01.2017

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