Logvinenko: to PACE, trying to change the rules, to bring the Russians to the session hall

In the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe an attempt was made to amend the current regulations that would allow the Russian delegation to return to the session hall.

The Ukrainian delegation keeps this issue under control, said in a comment to UNIAN correspondent on Monday in Strasbourg, elected Vice-President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ukrainian MP Georgy Logvynsky.

«PACE proposes to remove the right to question the credentials of delegations. That is, there is a proposal to amend the regulations of the Council of Europe, which will not allow to question the credentials of the delegation. Then, automatically, if this document is adopted, the Russian delegation just returned to the hall. We control the process,» he said.

According to Logoiskogo that is why the PACE Ukrainian delegation holds a number of events aimed at delivering information about what is happening in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine (in the fields of the winter session scheduled four such events).

«We hold such activities to show that they (the Russians) violated international law, undermined European values. Until international law is restored, and we will not hear the apology, until then, we must respond to these facts», – said the politician. PACE Vice-President said that now some of the deputies trying to make proposals to the standing Committee of the PACE.

«There are a lot of people who are lobbying for these interests – there are French who visited the Crimea, the representatives of Switzerland, the Netherlands, who openly support Russia, so any MP has the right to raise this issue. We do everything we can to prevent it,» said Logvinsky.

We will note, in December 2016, the Ukrainian delegation to PACE have been a number of permutations. The quota of the «Opposition bloc» de jure, the richest member of Parliament, involved in the investigation of the state office of public Prosecutor Vadim Novinsky. However, excluded from the «Euro-optimists» Svetlana Zalishchuk and Moustapha Nayem and started the official process of exclusion from the delegation of Nadiya Savchenko. The fraction of the PPO is Zalishchuk delegated Konstantin Usov, Novinsky «went» instead of Dmitry Shpenov. Hire sure to save it and zalishchuk involved in the administration of President Poroshenko.

Logvinenko: to PACE, trying to change the rules, to bring the Russians to the session hall 23.01.2017

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