Loboda shot a music video in the genre of crime comics: fights, car chases, love

Ukrainian singer LOBODA submitted a video to the hit of this spring «To hell with love». New video shot in the style of action and has no clear genre. «To hell with love» is a peculiar mix of genres that combines criminal Kinomax with tarantinovskih handwriting and graphic manner of view of the characters, writes «Today».

The new work of the singer is full of spectacular directorial turns, in the midst of which is a story about the changeable mood of a woman and her feelings for the man. The video is full of atmospheric shots, immersing the viewer in the «sin city» of the main character. The unusual design of pattern, it accentuated the comic is the most critical component in the clip. And fighting, fast riding, dance tricks and a passion so genuine that it makes you want to shout «To hell with love!».

«I’m sure the woman laid of inspiring the eternal need for love. In the video, our team shows her as a trophy, which you can obtain in the battle of the senses over the mind. Love is a struggle in which the strongest wins the most patient. Love is able to suppress any fear, and the winner would be the one who’s willing to sacrifice for others», – commented on the idea of clip LOBODA.

Traditionally, the clip was directed by the producer of the singer Natella Krapivina , together with the production Directors Yaroslav Gubsky and Sergey Humana. They formed the company LOBODA on the set, performing the main male role.

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Loboda shot a music video in the genre of crime comics: fights, car chases, love 23.02.2016

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