Litpolukrbrig will soon be connected to international missions

Part of a joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade (Litpolukrbrig) in international missions is a narrow-minded perspective. This was on the sidelines of the forum «Europe-Ukraine» in rzeszów (Poland) Deputy Minister of national defence of Poland Tomasz shatkovskaya, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The use of teams in missions is not a distant prospect. But now the more important exercises on the brigade level,» said shatkovskaya.

According to him, still exercise brigade was conducted at the unit level in Yavoriv. However, after completion of the certification teams and the achievement of full operational capacity to NATO standards, you can go to the teachings of the brigade headquarters, in accordance with Western standards.

As reported, the Deputy commander of the brigade Litpolukrbrig Colonel Vladimir Yudanov a few days ago announced that the acquisition of full operational readiness of the brigade is confirmed by Certification sheet, signed by the heads of the defense ministries of Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland.

Recently, the brigade took part in large-scale exercise «Anakonda-16».

Litpolukrbrig will soon be connected to international missions 28.01.2017

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