Lithuania will buy from Germany 168 armoured personnel carriers

The Lithuanian army will purchase from Germany 168 armoured personnel carriers, the total cost of procurement is around EUR 1.6 million. The purchase agreement M577 armored personnel carriers Wednesday in Vilnius was signed by representatives of the Lithuanian Armed forces and the defense Ministry of Germany, reports the portal Delfi.

«Lithuanian army buys command post M577 armored personnel carriers that are in good condition, armored vehicles, indirect fire support, medical and educational assignments that will make up for the missing power armored Land forces,» — said the head of Logistics management Lithuania, Lieutenant Colonel Ramunas, Baronas.

It is planned that the armored personnel carriers will arrive in Lithuania in stages during 2017 and 2018.

Along with the armored vehicles of the armed forces of Lithuania will also be transferred to kits of parts and tools, and other equipment for crews of armored vehicles.

In the army of Lithuania already operate tracked armored vehicles of this type, M113, therefore, equipment purchased to re-enter is not necessary.

Units of Land forces of Lithuania already have their own programs, guides on maintenance and repair, as well as trained abroad instructors for repair and driving.

Earlier Lithuania has decided to buy from a German infantry fighting vehicle Boxer and self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000. While the Lithuanian Ministry of defence refused to buy Ukrainian BMP.

Lithuania will buy from Germany 168 armoured personnel carriers 01.12.2016

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