Lions have recognized the critical situation with the garbage have nowhere to take

The mayor of Lviv said that the situation with garbage removal in the city became critical. This was at a meeting of the city Commission on emergency situations reported by the Director of housing and communal services Department Sergey Babak, said on the website of the Lviv city Council.

«The problems that have accumulated over previous months, have become critical. The opportunity to take out the trash blocked, take out the trash then there is no possibility. Carriers have tried to remedy the situation, but fact is fact. Just make it impossible to take out the trash. That is, we now face the fact that the rubbish is accumulated, we export, but not at the pace that it should be. Considering the warming, which will be soon, it may lead to violation of environmental norms and violation of the sanitary situation in the city,» he said.

The head of the Department of health Volodymyr Zub has warned that this situation may lead to frequent and prolonged outbreaks of intestinal infections in the city and increase in population of rodents.

«More than four hundred sites are overcrowded, two carriers, we are talking about «DV-Ekosvit» and SAT, for various reasons not to renew the contract for waste removal. The company AVA, «SANKOM», «Griner», Livesexawards work, but very hard. Every day is an uphill struggle, cars with Lviv debris that travel to Central Ukraine, where there is agreement with the landfills, stop, making it impossible to unload the garbage. These machines are sent back to Lviv, accompanied by police,» — said in turn the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy.

He stressed that the Central government ignores the problem of the city.

«This is the anomalous situation where in Ukraine do not notice the Lviv problem. I can officially declare: I will not take any action that may be harmful to our state, and will not give anyone any command to any vote that may lead to a change in the device in our country. This is my principled position,» — said the mayor.

In connection with the situation in Lviv officials decided to ask the state Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations to resolve to dispose of the garbage in the landfills outside of Lviv region.

We will remind, problems with garbage removal from Lviv have been going on for several months. May 29, 2016 in the village of Velyki hrybovychi where is Lviv landfill, the fire started. The fire was soon extinguished, but the next day the landslide occurred, and under blockages there were four persons — three rescuers and the employee of the municipal enterprise. The bodies of three people found, the fourth is still not found.

SEL Great Gribovich after the incident, banned the lions take out the trash to the dump. After that, the city began to export waste to various landfills in the region and other regions.

Lions have recognized the critical situation with the garbage have nowhere to take 18.01.2017

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