Libération. «All support the idea of territorial integrity, but at what cost?»

According to Alexei Miller , the security expert, co-Director of foreign policy programmes and international security of the Razumkov Centre in Kiev, a consensus on the reunification of Ukraine is far from being reached, while the individual items of the Minsk agreements is still in dispute. Interviewed by Liberation journalist Veronika Dorman.

«On the eve of the second anniversary of the Minsk agreements signed on 12 February 2015 Russia and Ukraine in the presence of France and Germany, Alexey Miller returns to the process of political reconciliation, objasnuva as ever, and to the world, far from achieving,» reports the journalist.

«Consensus is still not achieved. Coexist three positions: those who don’t know what to do with Donbass, those who believe that it is necessary at any price to get back the occupied territory as soon as possible, agreeing to any compromise (special status, a full Amnesty, elections), and those who believe that it is necessary to recognize de jure what already existed de facto, that is, the occupied territory, which we are not able again to take control at this point, says Miller. The problem is that the current government does not clearly define its intentions, does not explain its strategy. All support the idea of territorial integrity, but how to find it and at what price?»

«According to various sources, Putin was able to blackmail Ukraine and Germany, threatening hard and systematically to bombard not only the East but also other areas of the country. Steinmeier, who was then the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, later admitted that the Minsk agreement was the only possible compromise. But Western officials understood from the start that these agreements will not lead to resolution of the conflict», — the expert believes.

«Why Kiev decided not to implement the road map prescribed by the West and Moscow?» — asked the interviewer.

«40 thousand Beeskow the self-proclaimed republics DNR and LC, which are getting money, ammunition and weapons from the Russian Federation, whose headquarters is located in Russia, and the commanders of battalions are active officers of the Russian army and the Russian mercenaries who have 500 tanks and over 1,000 artillery systems, will soon become the «people’s police». She will continue to perform the same tasks and obey the same structure, but will be financed from the Ukrainian budget», — said the interlocutor of the edition.

«Then, if they declare that the conflict is over and that the Minsk agreements are fulfilled separatist party, you will need to destroy the contact lines, the checkpoints, withdraw the Ukrainian soldiers. And then the separatist influence, like the metastases to spread to the West,» says Miller.

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Libération. «All support the idea of territorial integrity, but at what cost?» 06.02.2017

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