Levochkin said that pension reform will not increase pension and health – closes the access to the services of physicians

The opposition bloc voted for all the bills that can improve people’s lives, so today in the Parliament supported the redistribution of budget funds to the regions, said the MP from the faction Serhiy Liovochkin, reports the official site policy.

«Our agenda for the next. The first is the world. We must ensure peace in Ukraine, because until the world will not be normal life, not economic growth, will not increase pensions and wages. Second. We oppose the current tariffs and demand their abolition. The government should care about people if they can not make a decent life for themselves and their children. And the third question on which we now focus, is the increase in social standards. Our requirement is the minimum salary a minimum of 4.5 thousand UAH, the minimum pension is 3.5 thousand UAH, she needs to grow threefold compared to the current. And it is for us the principal thing,» – said the MP.

The politician added that in his opinion proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the pension reform will not increase pension.

«This bill only makes the redistribution of the hole in the Pension Fund. It’s not expanding the base to increase the reserves of the Pension Fund. To increase the reserves of the Pension Fund is possible only through economic growth. No bill about it today, is not considered. The government divides power, redistributes between the powers, and that, unfortunately,» he said.

Medical reform Liovochkin also supports.

«In the form in which it is proposed that healthcare reform are unacceptable,» – said the MP. – It reduces the opportunity of people’s access to health services. And when in the village or small town disappears hospital, for people this is a disaster, even if what is there today may not provide all necessary medical services.”

The MP believes that a hospital district can only be created after hospitals become effective, and the people will get minimum service as in the current situation, the reform can not be accepted.

Today the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading voted for the pension reform, but did not gain enough votes to pass medical.

On 8 June the Parliament adopted the law No. 6327 on the state financial guarantees in medicine. They are encouraged to introduce the concept of «state guaranteed package» – a certain amount of medical services and medicines, which the state undertakes to pay at a predetermined uniform rate, approved by the Cabinet annually.

Bill No. 6329 on the financing of primary health care based on rates capitalone Parliament rejected.

May 17, 2017, the Cabinet approved a draft pension reform. Pension reform, in particular, implies the elimination of restrictions on pensions for working pensioners, the abolition of the special conditions of retirement, the gradual elimination of the deficit of the Pension Fund and more. On June 16 the government’s draft pension reform was supported by the national Council of reforms.

Levochkin said that pension reform will not increase pension and health – closes the access to the services of physicians 13.07.2017

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