Leshchenko and Nayem blocked the rostrum is dissatisfied with the piano voting «in the gallery»

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman according to the schedule announced a break in the Parliament session until 12.30. To this group of people’s deputies blocked the rostrum in connection with allegedly discovered the piano voting during the voting for the agenda of the session.

«Optimists» has achieved a rerun of the agenda because of a knopkodavstvo

Among the blockers the podium were representatives of interfractional Association «Euro-optimists», non-faction deputies, reports UKRINFORM.

Blocking the rostrum of the deputies Mustafa Nayem and Serhiy Leshchenko explained that it was discovered the piano voting during the voting for the bill approval of the agenda of the 4th session of the Parliament.

In turn, Groisman instructed the Regulatory Committee to deal with this issue and announced a break in the work of the VR.

Before that, Leshchenko also advocated the modernisation of government and against the adoption of the bill, which is tried to prevent the Verkhovna Rada related to the team of Igor Kolomoisky people. The MP believes that Groysman «turns to the circus» work in Parliament in recent weeks, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Law No. 3700 18 times you are trying to include in the agenda of the law, which introduces the dictatorship of party leaders, the law, which entitles the leaders to remove from the list of election parties of undesirable candidates,» — said Leshchenko.

«It all started with the fact that the party povklyuchali on elections for dogovornjakah with oligarchs, money, different candidates. After elections were held – began to clean the party lists. Among those who want to clean their lists, Block Poroshenko, Lyashko’s party, the party «Batkivshchyna» and so on. Instead of take in a list of people who are undesirable, should not now pass a law under the names,» protested Leshchenko.

«In the party «Block of Petro Poroshenko» is the first occurrence (in Parliament) the advocate of the Korban. Today between the Korban and the government has a conflict – so it was not necessary to adopt it two years ago in the electoral list, now to bend the entire Parliament and vote 18 times in the law, which does not pass,» he said.
Leshchenko also was indignant that the laws make «pushers»: «Sit in the gallery and press the button for three to four deputies. We wanted this Parliament to be honest», he said and asked, to comment on it.

«Not only to fight corruption in the Executive branch, if it is legislative,» said Leshchenko.

Commenting on the situation in the state as a whole, he stated that «the situation is heating up», while Arseniy Yatsenyuk is trying to maintain the position of Prime Minister, though has no support.

According to Leshchenko, «dogovornyakov» trying to assign a few additional Ministers.

Instead, in his opinion, you need to replace the Prime Minister, the Prosecutor General, the Minister of internal Affairs.

«We have to clean the Parliament from the people who are accused of corruption. Today the Minister of economy Abromavicius directly at the press conference said that he is resigning because of the pressure exerted on him «looking» in the Verkhovna Rada. He called the name of the colleague on fraction of the PPB Kononenko, «- said Leshchenko.

«I want Kononenko went to the podium and commented on the allegations, which sound in its address. If he was involved in corruption, he should lay down the mandate, as did other MPs – for example, Martynenko. If he’s not, he should face charges,» — said Leshchenko.

«Enough dogovornyakov in the Verkhovna Rada… Time to do a full reset of power. Otherwise it will end up with early election», — Leshchenko said.

Groysman said: «When the bill (No. 3700) signed 5 faction leaders, and every day they raise the question — sorry, that was their offer. Dаше right — to vote or not.»

«I strongly opposed the law No. 3693 regarding local councils – because that is really the usurpation of power in local councils: elected deputies to withdraw the party officials. This is simply unacceptable… But now we are talking about a different law – please persuade (colleagues) and let the representatives do not vote», — he said.

«Optimists» has achieved a rerun of the agenda because of a knopkodavstvo

The inter-faction deputies Association «Optimists» need to be re-voted question on the agenda of the day 4 session. As stated by the deputies during the voting were noted the facts of a knopkodavstvo.

«When voting for the inclusion of draft laws in the agenda (including project No. 3700) was the piano voting in the sector of the UDAR party was voted card of the extra fractional Deputy Irina Suslova. At the time of knopkodavstvo near the slot were the deputies of BPP Tkachuk and Livik«, — the Deputy wrote Leshchenko on his page in Facebook.

During the briefing in the Parliament MP Mustafa Nayem noted that cases piano voting in the Parliament very much, however the speaker «pretends that nothing happens.»

«This is the 23rd voting for this bill (3700 – ed.). We appeal to the President, the speaker and the leaders of the faction that if it was really honest, if two years ago you were screaming that the late Chechetov violated the rules, don’t do the same,» — said Nayem.

He stressed that Groysman can now personally intervene in the situation. «We wrote the application in accordance with article 47 of the rules he has right now put to the vote the agenda for this session,» said Groisman.

After the break in Parliament, the speaker Groysman during the meeting of the Parliament has instructed the regulatory Committee to deal with the situation. He also said that the MPs will return to vote for the agenda.

«Tomorrow from 10 to 11 o’clock we again will vote,» — said Groisman after .

She also Suslov wrote on Facebook that on Wednesday the day she is on the forum and «had the opportunity once to go from there.»

«I actually voted for the agenda, but that there were several ballots, it became known only after there was a scandal,» she wrote. The MP says he doesn’t know on what vote it was, and how missed.

«To avoid further disturbance, I change my vote when you vote for the N9 agenda,» wrote Suslov.

We will remind, to eradicate the piano voting in the Parliament the speaker Groysman promised in March 2015.

At the beginning of September in the Kyiv city Council earned are equipped with a touch button system «Rada 4», which should provide personal vote. The introduction of such a system in the Verkhovna Rada it is not less than ten years.

Leshchenko and Nayem blocked the rostrum is dissatisfied with the piano voting «in the gallery» 03.02.2016

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