Leonov Russian woman newly released from jail — lawyer

Russian woman Anastasia Leonova, who is suspected of preparing a terrorist act in Kiev, once again left the jail.

About this in his Facebook said her lawyer Maxim Kozub.

«She was released from custody. We talk in the kitchen with her, Victor Gubsky and Nastennye relatives», — said Maxim Kozub.

To release Leonov to freedom the decision decided Sienkowski district court of Kiev on Monday, may 16. He refused the petition of the investigator on the extension of the Russian term of detention until 9 June. The court motivated its decision by the lack of substantiation of suspicions.

We will remind, on March 16 Anastasia Leonova, which only released from prison where she was being held on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in Kiev, again received from the security service of the petition for election measures of restraint in form of detention.

In the night of March 6 after a three-month arrest Leonov
released from Lukyanivska detention facility where she was being held on suspicion of «preparing terrorist acts». Immediately after the liberation of the Muscovite told reporters that she was questioned in particular on the lie detector. «I think I passed it so that the detector showed that I was lying,» — said Leonov. She also said that is not going to return to Moscow because he was a volunteer of the «Right sector», and in Russia the Ukrainian organization deemed «extremist» and banned.

Leonova because of their opposition views went from Russia to Ukraine in the spring of 2015. She was a medical volunteer in Kharkiv humanitarian mission, and later was engaged in the coverage of activities of «Right sector» in the media, and then were instructed on the basis of a voluntary regiment «Azov» near Kharkov, which left due to personal conflicts. 10 December last year, Leonov was detained in the center of the Ukrainian capital. In SBU believe that she could go into sabotage and intelligence group, preparing attacks in Kiev and Kharkov.

In addition to Leonova in this case are detained two more Russians and three citizens of Ukraine. The leader of this group, one of the founders of the «SS» and in the past head of the Donetsk regional organization «Trident» name of Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian Oleg Marcil (call sign «Ranger», aka Sergei Amirov — ed.) during the arrest the SBU special forces «alpha» in December last year in Kiev resisted and was killed.

At the beginning of the ATO in Eastern Ukraine, a group of «Forester» acted in the format led them to the 1st recon battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK), who was involved in special operations in the rear of Russian troops. In addition, Marcil was the head of the Ukrainian Spiritual administration of Buddhists, was the Abbot of a Buddhist monastery.

Leonov Russian woman newly released from jail — lawyer 17.05.2016

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