«Leningrad» has released a new video for «the Monkey and the eagle»

Group «Leningrad» has pleased fans with a fresh video for the song «the Monkey and the eagle.» In the center of the plot – the couple who comes on a talk show called «Blood and love» to sort out their problems

On the Facebook page the group’s leader Sergei Shnurov has commented on the release of the new video.

«The year of the monkey is about to end and replace him in a hurry year of the rooster. Yes, the rooster. But in our troubled times, accidents, metamorphosis and other homophobia (or FILIYA that the two sides of the same coin) the word «cock» will be worse than otherwise obscene, and like any curse word in «decent» society, it turns into euphemisms,» shared Cords in Instagram.

«The year of the rooster in the mask of an owl or eagle promises to be very interesting, with unexpected plot twists and transformations, like the movie «Birdman». But we should not forget that the fate of our, albeit briefly, but still in the furry paws of a monkey. About the change of seasons and clashes of elements in one TV show our new video «the Monkey and the eagle»», – he wrote.

Previously, the group presented a clip about how Russian man drinks stress.

«Leningrad» has released a new video for «the Monkey and the eagle» 29.11.2016

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