Lenin prospect in Zaporozhye was renamed Cathedral. Two streets were given the names of the fallen heroes of the ATO

Zaporozhie city Council has taken the decision to rename parts of the city, dozens of streets, avenues, alleys. Decisions of the city Council renamed three districts of the regional center. So, Zhovtnevy district decided to name Alexander, Ordzhonikidzevsky — Voznesenovskaya, Lenin Dnieper, reports on February 22, 2016 «Interfax-Ukraine».

Prospekt Lenina got the name Cathedral. Has not received the required number of votes, the name of prospect Cossack.

Chekistov street again became Trinity, Gryaznova — Fortress, angolenko St. — Bazaar. Part of the streets named after prominent citizens or of Alexandrovsk Zaporozhye, historical toponyms of the city. Sovetskaya street was called the street of academician Chabanenko, street of Henri Barbusse is the name of Peter Edge, street Kopenkina became a street Felix Molchanovskoe, street Ordzhonikidze — Palacecasino.

Many names connected with the Ukrainian heroes of the past and present. In particular, Furmanov street was renamed in honor of Hetman Ivan Samoilovych, street Tukhachevsky became the street of Maxim Krivonosa street Mikoyan and red cavalry, respectively will be wearing the names of the dead members of ATU Zawadi Bogdan and Ivan Gutnik-Zaluzhny.

As reported, on Friday, 19 February 2016, the second session of the Zaporozhye city Council deputies unanimously (59 of 59 available) recognised the Russian Federation as an aggressor and illegal armed groups «DNR» and «LNR» — terrorist organizations.

This decision was taken only from the second time. December 25, at its first session, the deputies of the city Zaporozhye the matter agreed to include in the agenda, but later refused to vote for it.

In addition, the deputies decided to 19 March 2016 to demolish the bust of Sergo Ordzhonikidze, 57 monuments to Felix Dzerzhinsky and 55 — Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov). It is noted that the deputies made the decision to install instead of the monument to Dzerzhinsky memorial to soldiers of the ATO, but that will be in place of Lenin is still unknown.

Leninsky district will now be called the Dnieper, Ordzhonikidzevsky — Voznesenovskaya, and the Zhovtnevy Alexander.

Deputies also renamed Lenin square and in Sagaidachnogo street angolenko St. in Marketplace.

It should be noted that the majority of deputies in the Zaporozhye city Council was formed from these parties, as the «New politics», «Opposition bloc» and «Our land», who are originally from the former Party of regions, in fact, defunct.

City Executive power concentrated in the hands of top management of the metallurgical plant «Zaporizhstal» Rinat Akhmetov.

Lenin prospect in Zaporozhye was renamed Cathedral. Two streets were given the names of the fallen heroes of the ATO 23.02.2016

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