Leftovers from the Olympic village to feed the poor in Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, where now are the XXXI Olympic Games, opened a restaurant for the poor where they can obtain food absolutely free of charge. The institution work is provided by charities and surplus products purchased for participants, reports TASS with reference to the Brazilian Internet portal UOL.

The initiators of the project said that the idea to use the «Olympic food» to feed the poor that came to their minds when they learned that some of the products that are purchased for the Olympic village is destroyed not because of poor quality, but because the chefs they are simply not needed in such quantity.

«We did everything we could to negotiate with suppliers on delivery of the surplus in our restaurant. When I learned that every day the plants take 120 trucks of food, but 20 of them returned and their contents burn, it became my obsession. We oppose wastefulness, this is the first goal of the project. Second — the fight against hunger, because we provide people with decent food» — said one of the initiators of the project, David Hertz.

He believes that to feed the guests in the restaurant are much better than in the Olympic village. To create quality dishes was invited 45 chefs from all over the world. One of them was the Italian Massimo Bottura — works at the school, which the British magazine Restaurant recognized as the best in the world.

Daily in the restaurant you can eat 108 people. The right to free dinner, will get those Brazilians who receive help from public organizations as poor.

The Olympic games are held in Brazil amid a serious economic crisis. While the guests attend the Olympics competitions, locals admit that in Rio, there are no jobs. So, some girls for the sake of earnings and prospects become prostitutes.

Last month in Rio, there were mass protests against police delays in payment of salaries. The guards complained that the Brazilian authorities are too focused on the Olympics, but forgot about the people.

The difficult economic situation of the country is compounded by a corruption scandal, which has embroiled senior officials, including President Dilma Rousseff, the result is temporarily suspended from his duties. During the Olympics in Brazil will be voting on the issue of impeachment of the President.

Leftovers from the Olympic village to feed the poor in Rio 09.08.2016

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