Le Point. Europe and Russian thug

Europe came to terms with the emergence in Russia of a new feudal system — «the bandit» with democratic rhetoric, writes the Russian painter and writer Maxim Kantor in Le Point.

«The worst is not so much Putin, refugees or Syria, as the distortion of the political discourse» — said Kantor. In post-war European rhetoric the concepts of «left» and «right» mixed up, because Western democracy opposed the «socialist Empire», combines two incompatible opposites.

Instead of the concept of «democracy» now is the concept of «Western civilization». «Western democracy has acted in relation to the world not as a political mentor, but as a civilizational project, as opposed to barbarism. She gave other countries is not a political doctrine, and cultural experience, which is a consequence of the Europeanization of economic institutions,» writes Kantor.

«Traditionally, democracy in Europe protecting the poor from the rich, Russian democracy has undertaken to defend the rich from the poor, continues the writer. Russian Democrats settled «on the right», among the financial oligarchy, whereas in the West the Democrats have been rather «left». The West, for its part, has taught Russia how to become the West, but not taught how to get rid of slavery. Hence the resentment of the Russian people on democracy: instead of communal consciousness he imposed «Western» predatory guidelines.»

«The recipe for civilization, given to Russia by the West, was in equating democracy to the laws of the market. Loser in the market has been excluded from a democratic society, — writes further the Cantor. — So there was fertile ground for authoritarianism: the poor were waiting for the dictatorship of salvation from the cruelty of the market. It is curious that appeal to Stalinism, the wealthiest, the demiurge of the nation. And the nation forgives them wealth. But the Union of wealth with democratic slogans unforgivable. The market and democracy have combined to accelerate the education of the barbarians, though such a Union in Western civilization is not mandatory. In Europe, the market existed long before democracy and beyond. It is not an ideal of democracy».

Russian history of the last years is a fictitious story of the struggle of liberalism with patriotism, says Kantor. «In fact, the Russian authoritarian regime — the last argument in feudal strife. However, the Russian «liberals» don’t want to admit that they themselves have created the monster that they have nothing to oppose. And Europe sincerely believes that Russia supplied the recipe for how to become civilized, but Russia has not learned its lesson. And it taught feudalism».

New Russian feudal system is the result of European confusion, says the author. Europe resigned to the fact that Russia is causing the antipathy of the Communist apparatchik has a new feudal system: a bandit with democratic rhetoric. «She forced privatization to get rid of socialist property. Western democracy was perfectly aware that her partner was not a simple thug, and neofeudal. Barrack socialism, she chose a neo-feudalism. The main resentment of Putin in the West is because he genuinely does not understand why the lords must fight».

In this struggle for Western civilization, the Democrats (can you say «left») have supported international corporations, destroys the totalitarian socialist state, and thus was «right» in relation to a disadvantaged population of these countries. Impoverished populations of third world countries (and Russia) international has become the poor class, which is to avoid the justified international poverty, returned to the national idea. So now the national idea assimilated with the idea of the proletarian revolution, and released «left» replaced by «right-wing» nationalists.

The nationalist consciousness of the Russians, continues Kantor, presented as the pursuit of social justice. «Nationalism has replaced socialism and the revival of Empire is perceived as a form of anti-capitalist struggle. The population grows poorer, the oligarchs get richer, but the poor are United around the Kremlin the idea of «national justice», believe that socialism is reborn. A nation turns into a refuge from international poverty,» writes the author.

The main victim of the current history was the idea of a European Republic: liberty, equality and brotherhood, bonded by the law, says Kantor. «The European left imagine that the separatists of Donbass are fighting international capitalism, they themselves say that fighting for socialism. On their banners is written the word «Republic», but near — double-headed Imperial eagle, and their aggression is done in the name of the new Russian Empire. Is an international nationalist brigades fighting on the side of Franco. This political mess is fraught with the making of Europe», stresses the author.

«The Russian Empire will seize the slightest opportunity to split Europe into nation-States, as it always has been. It can exist only in the presence of the compound and divided Europe. Russia’s support comes Islam, instead of Christianity which became the religion of the oppressed,» writes Kantor.

The decision of the refugee crisis will show how viable Christianity in the face of Islam. «If Islam becomes the religion of the oppressed, and Christianity — the ideology of democratic market economy, the nationalization of States and fascism in Europe is inevitable. If Federal Europe will be able to resist imperialism and the left to accept refugees, the European war would be impossible», — notes the author.

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