Le Pen wants to return to the old system of currency in the European Union

The leader of the French far right presidential candidate in France , marine Le Pen believes that EU countries should abandon the Euro as the single currency and return to the system ECU.

She stated this in an interview with Reuters, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The leader of the French National front marine Le Pen said about the need to return to the system ECU (ECU – European currency unit, which was a generalization of the European «basket of currencies»),» – said in the message.

According to her, the French national debt if elected President will be denominated in new national currencies.

The Agency reminds that Le Pen has already declared that France should leave the Eurozone, but in the past haven’t talked about it in detail.

«The system ECU existed in parallel with national currencies, – said Le Pen. — A currency that co-exists with a single currency, will have no consequences for the daily lives of the French.»

According to Le Pen, the European «currency snake», which existed before the introduction of the Euro, «it’s something that is quite reasonable.»

The European currency snake – the system of exchange rates agreed between the European States. Was introduced in 1972 to limit the amplitude of the fluctuations of the currencies of European countries.

Since 1979, the role of the «snakes» played by the European collective currency unit ECU.

Presidential elections in France scheduled for April this year.

Recall also that marine Le Pen had earlier promised to hold a referendum on withdrawal of France from the EU if elected President in the spring of 2017.

Le Pen wants to return to the old system of currency in the European Union 05.01.2017

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