Le Monde. Ukraine files lawsuit against Russia and accusing it of «supporting terrorism» (editorial)

«The lawsuit was filed in the international court of justice. Kiev claims damages, in particular for the downed plane MH17», — writes edition of Le Monde, citing AFP.

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit in the international court of justice, the highest legal body of the UN, is accusing Russia of «supporting terrorism» in the East of its territory, and demanded damages for downed airplane flight MH17 and for the bombing directed against civilians, announced on Wednesday 17 January CIJ.

«Ukraine respectfully requests the Court to consider and decide that the Russian Federation has assumed international responsibility, (…) supporting terrorism and preventing its financing,» — said the International court of Kyiv in its communiqué, denouncing «terrorist acts» committed by allies of Moscow in Ukraine.

In a communiqué, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said: «Russia needs to pay dearly for his aggression.» «The Russian Federation grossly violates international law for three years,» he added.

Among the «terrorist acts committed by the allies» of Moscow are called artillery fire directed against civilians, and the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam and was shot down on 17 July 2014, killing 298 people, the article says.

«Kiev said that in the Crimea, Russia is violating the International Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, systematically exposing the Crimean Tatars — the ethnic minority, to abuse and stifling political and cultural expression of its identity,» writes the editorial Board.

Thus, Ukraine asked the judges to sentence Russia to damages, in particular, for the plane MH17 and shelling against civilians? and to oblige Russia to stop and to prevent «any transfer of money, weapons, vehicles, equipment (…) and personnel» to groups who commit «terrorist actions,» the article says.

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Le Monde. Ukraine files lawsuit against Russia and accusing it of «supporting terrorism» (editorial) 18.01.2017

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