Le Monde. The poison of corruption penetrates the top of the Kiev authorities

The Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine for the past twenty years «was used as a supermarket»: any political leader or an influential businessman could, paying, to get a prosecution against his rival, the head of the Central anti-corruption Daria kalenyuk. Attempts to reform the Agency are faced with active resistance of the current Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, writes Le Monde. «Viktor Shokin has direct responsibility for the failure of reform and the lack of results in the fight against corruption,» said the Prosecutor Vitaliy KASKO.

Shokin, a longtime ally and friend of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who appointed him to this post. No national outrage, no pressure Vice President Joe Biden forced the President to change his mind. «Poroshenko is too afraid that any other political grouping gets hold of this post — says political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko. He just rejects the notion of an independent judiciary. Being a big businessman, also President for twenty years is part of this political system.» Desperate attempts to save the Peloponnese is further evidence of the failure of the Ukrainian authorities in the fight against corruption. Two years after the revolution on the Maidan have to say again that the «tip of the state power is not the driving force of the reform, and the source of interference», says the correspondent Benoit Witkin.

The last negative signal was the unexpected resignation of Minister of economy aivaras of Abromavicius, condemned «the frequent attempts to block reform» and accused the Deputy of Igor Kononenko ‘s intention to put «questionable» people on key posts in state companies and the Ministry. Kononenko is also a longtime friend and partner of President Poroshenko, one of the «gray cardinals», who thanks to his connections with the government in control of a myriad of state-owned enterprises, mainly the revenue of the energy sector.

«In the opinion of the West, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk had each other to control. Actually took place between them, the distribution of spheres of influence,» explains journalist and member of the presidential party Serhiy Leshchenko. One close associate of the President on the condition of anonymity hinted at the existence of secret channels of financing the activities of the country’s leadership: «Until the improvement of the financing of political life, such things are inevitable. We, of course, are part of this system, and it will take time to change it. It’s not a question of personalities».

Most analysts admit that the Ukrainian political system is so rigid, and the state institutions so weak that it is almost impossible to lead the country, abandoning the opaque schemes that hide the true leverage. «To move from communism to capitalism was much easier than to end the current corrupt oligarchic system,» — says Fesenko.

A Western diplomat working in Kiev, regretfully admits that the Ukrainian authorities do not take responsibility for reform. «As soon as weakened Western pressure or cashier Ukrainian state is a bit filled, on reforms immediately forget», — he complains. In other words, the carrot of loans pledged in exchange for reform, better political will of the leadership of the country, the newspaper said. In early January, the diplomat was amazed at the machinations of Ukrainian deputies to defer for one year the entry into force requirements for all officials to report online about their assets and expenditures.

«In government there is no coordinated plan to prevent corruption, and greed of the new leaders do not go to any comparison with the previous greed. But once affected their interests, prevails the exception, not the rule, says journalist Denis Bigus. We have become one of the most transparent countries in Europe, the media constantly exposing new scandals. The problem is that sometimes these scandals end with the resignations, but the sentences never.»

For two years, not one «big fish» from political or business environment was not convicted on charges of corruption, the newspaper continues, and even investigations against tycoons of the era Yanukovych conducted without much zeal. As a result, only 7% of Ukrainians, according to a survey by the American Institute IFES, satisfied with the results of the fight against corruption. «Corruption slightly decreased simply because the money has become less, — says the analyst of investment Bank Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa, and the greed of officials is incomparable with the one that was under Yanukovych. But in fact the system has not changed».

«For two years was made more than in the previous twenty-five, in his turn, says the European diplomat. It is too early to judge whether the current difficulties are a byproduct of great change or the leaders of the post-Maidan will be joined in the history of the reformers to the failed Orange revolution.

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Le Monde. The poison of corruption penetrates the top of the Kiev authorities 05.02.2016

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