Le Monde published an article criticizing the propaganda film about Euromaidan

The film «the Mask of the Revolution» that aired on 1 February on the French Canal+, he criticized many influential media, in particular, Libération, Le nouvel Observateur, Le Monde, Mediapart and others have posted dozens of negative reviews in which filmmaker Paul Moreira is accused of violating journalistic standards, and falsification of the facts in the interests of the Kremlin.

«A documentary on Canal+ distributes the propaganda of the Kremlin against Ukraine» is the headline of the article in today’s issue of the daily newspaper Le Monde. It softpile, in particular, the former Ambassador to Ukraine Philippe de Suremain, journalist and writer Galina Ackerman, correspondent of «Ukrainian Tigna» in France, Alla Lazareva, a philosopher and regular contributor to «Tiina» Philippe de Lara, writer Michelle ahead.

«Good intentions pave the road to Hell — reminiscent of the authors. — A desire to eradicate the threat of brown everywhere in Europe, where it is rooted, paradoxically often pushes media simplified consciousness to the circles of the extreme right populist and antieuropean. That’s exactly what happened with the team of Canal+, in spite of all the anti-fascist intentions. «Ukrainian extreme right» is the theme, is no worse than the other, even if lately wrote about them so incredibly much. But to say that in Ukraine «the paramilitary forces are everywhere» and argue that «extreme right dictate their terms to all» is not the exposure of hidden motives, and the participation in the operation of disinformation, unoriginal, because it repeats word for word the elements of propaganda of the Kremlin and its mouthpieces «Satellite».

The article noted: «Part of the radical left, angered by the consequences of the liberal globalization, was fascinated by konspirologiya and turned into useful idiots for Putin’s revanchism and mafia-like imperialists… Putin’s Russia is trying to divide and conquer Europe. For this purpose, all methods: diplomacy, networks effects, but also the war, particularly in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine, and, finally, a big lie. Not so much banal political lies, poor and quickly recognizable, but different, built on a red herring, such that plunges into a fog of uncertainty, they say, «we’ll never know» (e.g., who killed Boris Nemtsov or who brought down Boeing MH17), until the line between lies and the truth».

«See anywhere «armed groups», it’s everything to confuse: 1) armed activists of the Maidan, some of which really belonged to the far right, but gathered from different social classes, and among them was even a veteran of the IDF Ukrainian origin; 2) volunteers who fought in the East, together with Ukrainian army vs. Russian invaders and separatists; 3) the groups of the extreme right… If today in Ukraine a lot of weapons, it’s not because of «armed groups», but because in Ukraine there is a war, since February 2014, as a result of her attack on Russia», — said in the text.

Recall, a film that told about the revolutionary events in Ukraine in 2013-2014, was released on TV channel Canal+ on February 1 at 22:30 local time. The film was made in the spirit of Russian propaganda and is intended to talk about «extremist nationalist battalions in Ukraine, which have become a threat to the government» and «the massacre in Odessa».

Initially about a propaganda tape became known because of an article in Le Monde, where she was subjected to harsh criticism.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked Canal+ to film from the air. Kiev accused the author of painting in the manipulation of comments and the generation of prejudice.

Note, the Russian propaganda machine is directly and indirectly trying to discredit the image of Ukraine in Europe, to disrupt its current Western geopolitical choice.

For completeness of perception of events on the Maidan is also proposed to see a documentary film «Winter in the fire», which even claims to be «Oscar».

Le Monde published an article criticizing the propaganda film about Euromaidan 04.02.2016

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