Le Monde. Lech Walesa: «When there are no good solutions to the problems, Wake up the demons»

In an interview with Le Monde Lech Walesa condemned the attacks of the conservatives who accuse him of collaboration with the Communist political police.

He noted that Europe is in serious crisis. «Once we had Christian Europe. Then we had ideology, someone Communist, someone different, and now we have nothing left. What values to raise our children? Next question: what’s the difference between left and right? Once this distinction is understood, today. We must agree on new grounds,» says Walesa.

«Many European countries are facing a crisis of legitimacy of its democracy, he continued. — Poland with its historical baggage sees the crisis of the European project, so she is looking for own voice, more right-wing. When there are no good solutions to the problems, Wake up the demons. There are people offering to dissolve the Union. If we don’t find a way out of the crisis, it will happen. The street dictates its own laws, because the politicians do not have credible solutions, they lack arguments. Populism and demagoguery come to power. In essence, well, that is Le Pen and Kaczynski, because they make us think and come up with something new».

Lech Walesa is convinced that the current Polish government will fail to estrange Poland from Europe, because «the poles have overcome much more serious difficulties.» In his opinion, the cause of the victory of the party «Law and justice» (IPR) in the elections was the discontent of the masses of the situation in the low turnout. «IPR party won the election with a program that she implements. They hid the most radical points of the program that were not liked by the population. If they immediately said they would take control of the constitutional court, one would not have chosen» — said Walesa.

He also believes that insufficient protests against actions of the authorities are explained prosperous economic situation in Poland: «once the government will not have enough money, start problems», «the masses will join the protesters». According to Lech Walesa, today’s protests are different from speeches of the era of «Solidarity». «In the era of «Solidarity», when the problem was external, we were all single. Today the problem is internal, so Poland divided, he explained. — To rule and stay in power, Jaroslaw Kaczynski needs an enemy. So people from IPR are still digging in the past, hunting Communist «agents.» To strengthen your Foundation, they encourage «Polish-Polish war».

One of these enemies, and was chosen by Lech Walesa. «They wanted to put Kaczynski in my place and submit it to the main symbol of the fight against communism, and me to be «agent», preferably working in Moscow», — believes the ex-leader of «Solidarity».

Commenting on the accusations regarding his work with the Communists, Walesa said, «At that time there were two kinds of attitudes to the Communists. Some considered them enemies and bandits with whom it is impossible to have a discussion. Others, including me, believed them sick who need a doctor, to argue with them, correct their mistakes. These two concepts today in an irreconcilable opposition, so my enemies can’t forgive me, that I decided to argue with the Communists, and call me «agent». The truth is that I manipulated the Communist secret services to a greater extent than they do me», — transfers the edition of the word Walesa.

Regarding the performance of the Kaczynski brothers in Solidarity, Walesa said that «initially they were afraid to speak too openly, but the closer we were to victory, the bolder they become.» «They worked well, but still obeyed me and have not been actors of the first plan,» said Walesa, confessing that with Lech Kaczynski he «was much easier to negotiate than with Yaroslav». «Overall, they were marginalized in the movement. They relied on other marginal and frustrerande personalities in «Solidarity». These are people who in normal conditions should play no political role. Kaczynski was represented in the Solidarity coalition frustrerande. Now the party IPR very determined and United,» he said.


«Walesa was a Communist spy» (http://www.inopressa.ru/article/19Feb2016/inopressa/valensa.htmlInopressa)

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Le Monde. Lech Walesa: «When there are no good solutions to the problems, Wake up the demons» 19.02.2016

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