Le Monde. In Ukraine the Prime Minister retains his seat

The camp of the reformers has long accused Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in support of corruption and sabotage reforms. Over the last few weeks the popularity of Yatsenyuk fell to almost zero, several Ministers with the scandal left the government, and even his Western backers began to be disappointed, writes the correspondent of Le Monde/ Benoit Witkin. When the Parliament started to discuss the vote of no confidence in the government, President Petro Poroshenko made an appeal to send Yatsenyuk: «Therapy is not enough to restore confidence, it’s time for surgery.»

«The intervention of the President was a surprise: a long time rival for leadership in the Pro-European camp, the two eventually find common language, — says the author. — In exchange for the withdrawal Yatsenyuk to retain his post and control over a part of the state economy. To give new impetus to his presidency, Poroshenko, it seems, finally decided on a great purge. Simultaneously with the resignation of Yatsenyuk demanded he be fired its longtime ally, ambiguous and powerful Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin«.

Such a strong support, it would seem that ensured the success of the attack on Yatsenyuk. However, at the time of the final vote for the resignation of Prime Minister spoke only 194 deputies, whereas the decision is necessary 226 votes. Thus, Yatsenyuk kept the post at least until the end of the parliamentary session. «The conclusion arises: the Prime Minister received the support of 50 members, who control the two main Ukrainian oligarch — Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Kolomoisky, to whom Yatsenyuk was always tractable», — writes the edition. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, «for every vote for Yatsenyuk gave up a million dollars.»

And 22 deputies from block Petro Poroshenko, who voted against the resignation of the head of the government or abstained? Many observers believe that the entire story of the resignation was staged with the aim to give a breather to the government. For example, the Vice speaker of the Rada Oksana Syroid, who said about the «conspiracy» between the two heads of the Executive branch.

«In fact, Poroshenko did not want to Yatsenyuk went, — says political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko, — until, until will not be guaranteed a new tranche of the IMF, but also because it has no alternative. However, this maneuver will allow him to look, how Ukrainians and the West that he at least tried to do something. That is Ukrainian politics, woven with intrigue and treachery».

This staging runs the risk of be costly both to politicians and to weaken their position, says Witkin. In the eyes of public opinion, Poroshenko has been unable to control his own troops and the resignation of his own Minister. As for Yatsenyuk, he will get even more dependent on oligarchs and will be forced to work with openly rebellious against him by the Ministers, deeply divided Parliament and a divided opposition, said political analyst Mykhailo Minakov.

«For the sake of stability and a brief respite Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk take the risk of exacerbation of latent political crisis,» — said the journalist Cristina Berdinskih.

«The show, hosted on Tuesday in Parliament, risks further undermining the already weak confidence in Ukrainian leaders — the author sums up the article. — After returning to collusion and methods of the old regime municipal authorities will be difficult to convince anyone in his quest to improve the Ukrainian political system.»

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Le Monde. In Ukraine the Prime Minister retains his seat 18.02.2016

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