Le Figaro. Linkevičius: «Russia does not show signs of calm

In conversation with Linas Linkevičius, Lithuanian Minister of foreign Affairs, the Moscow correspondent of Le Figaro, Pierre avril asked about his attitude toward the lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia, which is supported by more European countries.

«We need to be careful not to repeat mistakes made after the war against Georgia in 2008 when the relations between the European Union and Russia quickly returned to normal, although Moscow has done nothing to fulfill its obligations under the peace agreements,» — said Linkevičius expressed regret about the «lack of consistency and steadfastness in foreign policy of some countries-members of EU». According to Lithuanian policy, sanctions is the only leverage that we currently have».

«The heads of state are lining up in Moscow, although the Kremlin has not shown any real signs of appeasement — said Linkevičius at the meeting of Jean-Claude Juncker with Vladimir Putin during the St. Petersburg economic forum. — It gives meaning to the Russian argument that only Europe should feel guilt toward Russia, and she is supposedly not guilty». «The conciliatory policy of the aggressor may be helpful in the short term, but in the long run, counterproductive,» — said the Lithuanian Minister.

Commenting on the potential threat to Russia from the deployment of a battalion of NATO in Lithuania, Linkevičius said: «the Russians deliberately confuse cause and effect. We in Lithuania will be only one battalion and a neighbor, armed better than the neighbor any other European country — and around this inflate a scandal! We do not compete with Russia — we do the minimum in order to ensure its security».

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Le Figaro. Linkevičius: «Russia does not show signs of calm 17.06.2016

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