Le Figaro. After winning the trump Kiev is afraid of being abandoned by the Americans

«During the recent visits of Joe Biden, Vice-President, Barack Obama, did not hide their doubts about the continuity of us support for Kiev in the presidency trump«- writes the correspondent
Le Figaro in Moscow, Pierre avril.

«One Ukrainian journalist in a private conversation, Biden was asked to predict the future of Ukraine with Donald trump, but the Vice President was limited to a smile and the answer: «Hope helps us to live.» He who in the depths of the White house was the most reliable pillar of Kiev, refrained from comment, and this clearly shows in what uncertainty resides in the Ukrainian government after the victory of the Republican candidate,» the article says.

Latest offer trump about lifting sanctions against Russia in exchange for agreement on nuclear disarmament, the correspondent reminds. «I think nuclear weapons should be a lot less, you need to reduce (…) And then the sanctions, and Russia is suffering heavily from them. And I think there maybe something to come, from which many will benefit», — said the President-elect.

«Such a hint, in violation of the traditions has alarmed Kiev. To date, Washington as a condition for the lifting of sanctions put forward extremely strict compliance by Moscow of the Minsk agreements, which provide for political settlement of the conflict in Donbass», — said the author.

«Ukrainians are afraid that the Donbass will be reduced to one argument to change the policy in the framework of the global agreement between Moscow and Washington. And we have to admit that no one is able to calm them down,» sums up one Western diplomat. The Kiev government, destabilized an unexpected victory in the US Republican, alternately moving from trust-based messages to veiled warnings against his pre-assigned sponsor — says avril.

«I hope that the Ukrainian issue will unite the entire American policy. Russia has invaded our territory and occupied part of the Donbass and the Crimea. We thank representatives of a future administration that clearly adhere to this position,» said President Petro Poroshenko in the presence of Joe Biden.

«Establishment a few calm statements of the future Secretary Rex Tillerson, who at the hearing in the Senate called the necessary «to help Ukraine to defend itself from external aggression», including through the supply of «lethal weapons» to Kiev», — the author.

«It is still premature to talk about future American policy towards Ukraine», — says Grigory Nemyria, an MP from the opposition party «Batkivshchyna».

«Meanwhile, the negotiations on the Donbass remain in limbo — indicates avril. — In December, Victor Pinchuk, the powerful Ukrainian oligarch, is oriented to the West, advised Petro Poroshenko to make significant concessions to Russia in anticipation of the inauguration of the trump. His proposal caused a wave of indignation in the country, with the result that the President decided to boycott the «Ukrainian lunch» organized by the entrepreneur in the economic forum in Davos».

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Le Figaro. After winning the trump Kiev is afraid of being abandoned by the Americans 17.01.2017

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