Layoffs in the Crimea: the invaders disappeared EN masse of Ukrainians-«spies»

The administration of the plant «Crimean Titan» in the temporarily occupied city of Armyansk of Autonomous Republic of Crimea unreasonable dismiss of the citizens of Ukraine. It is reported by the Main Department of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine in Facebook.

«The Russian occupation authorities are trying to justify the formation of the «filtration zone» on the administrative border of Crimea with the mainland of Ukraine the necessity of combating terrorism. Administration of the plant «Crimean Titan» (Armyansk) is the dismissal of the citizens of Ukraine with violation of requirements of the current legislation without providing any deadline for finding a new job», — stated in the message.

According to Gur, to justify illegal actions of employees of FSB of the Russian Federation to disseminate information about the possible involvement of these citizens to the activities of intelligence services of Ukraine.

According to the head of «Information resistance» Dmitry Tymchuk, in recent years with enterprises of the Crimea were fired around three thousands workers.

«Due to budget constraints on enterprises temporarily occupied Crimea at the end of December 2016 — January 2017 carried out a reduction of about 3,000 employees of the various agencies, causing the outrage of local residents and negatively affects the socio-political situation on the Peninsula», — he wrote.

In particular, according to Tymchuk, from the Kerch state Maritime technological University was fired 535, Kerch trade sea port, 254, GUP RK «Krymenergo» — 127, «Krympochty» — 125 from the Republican clinical hospital. Semashko and medical Center-special expertise in Simferopol, respectively, 120 and 114 employees.

As you know, the enterprises of the oligarch Dmitry Firtash, among them «the Crimean Titan», catered to Patriotic Russian forum, Russian occupation authorities in Crimea.

Also Mezhdurechensk mining and processing plant, owned by Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash and located on the territory of Ukraine supplies Crimea Titan, the Ukrainian raw materials.

Layoffs in the Crimea: the invaders disappeared EN masse of Ukrainians-«spies» 18.01.2017

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