Lawyers Savchenko has published a recorded conversation about the falsification of her case

In the Network appeared the recording of the phone call, where, presumably, the father of the Russian investigator Dmitry Manshina tells about the falsification of the case of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hopes Savchenko. An audio recording was released by the attorney Ukrainian pilots mark Feigin on his page on Twitter.

«An anonymous person sent the entry of the person who is allegedly the father Manshina. Well, listen,» — wrote Feigin.

On the record sounds like a conversation between two men with a typical Russian accent, one of which tells of the career of the investigator Manshina. According to them, «faced with a political tinge, dangerous for the reputation of the investigator».

«Grabbed a simple woman, brought to the territory of Russia, any man it is clear that she is not a fool to come to the refugees … Well, it is there again smacks of something a fraud … He should refuse to say «won’t», why would he dirty his biography?» — said one of the interlocutors.

Feigin said that on this record, the defense gave anonymous.

Commenting on the recording, Feigin told journalists that got her about a year ago and at his disposal are also other similar audio, transfers «RBC-Ukraine».

«This is a recording from a man who works with his father investigator Manshina. When I spoke to him, he told me that his father complained that Manshin is under pressure, is forced to forge evidence, life it is savory and so on. This record is not the only one, but more or less right to post it publicly. We do not claim that it is the father Manshina. If those interested in law enforcement bodies, let they and are engaged in verification of this,» said Feigin.

In turn, the lawyer Ilya Novikov on his page in Facebook reported that the investigator Manshina interrogated in court on the case Savchenko.

«First (Manshin – ed.) held on to Bravo, a Martinet «nicknet» «neogent». But after dinner drip. First admitted that he personally prepared the indictment, signed by the chief and approved by the Deputy Prosecutor General. That is responsible for all conclusions,» wrote the lawyer.

We will remind, the Russian investigators accuse Savchenko under articles «murder» and «attempted murder». Ukrainian woman denies all the charges.

After the capture of militants, it was transferred to Russia. Nadezhda Savchenko went on hunger strike on 18 December after it was extended her detention.

Note, as stated by Feigin, the procedure of issuing Ukrainian pilots could begin before mid-March.

Lawyers Savchenko has published a recorded conversation about the falsification of her case 09.02.2016

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