Lawyers do not know where they were taken Karpiuk, and when Klaha delivered to Chelyabinsk

Lawyers do not know where the Ukrainian Mykola Karpyuk.

This broadcast «112 Ukraine» said the lawyer Ilya Novikov.

«Unknown (location — ed.). If Ukrainians hear the echoes of stories about Ildar Dading, who was convicted in Russia for Pro-Ukrainian rally, it is now very loud story, it couldn’t find five weeks in the case of Ukrainians will be the same, unfortunately,» he said.

Novikov said that Karpyuk was taken away from Grozny, December 5. «He was taken to Vladimir instead take a direct route to 1,5 thousand kilometers, he was taken a circuitous route, there will be at least 3 thousand, maybe even more. It is why it is fortunate in Vladimir through Izhevsk. Which route will be lucky Stas Cliche, we don’t know how long will it take, also do not know» — said Novikov.

Also the lawyer reported that Ukrainian Stanislav Cliche already was transferred from Grozny to Chelyabinsk.

«They took him away on January 7th. Us it became known yesterday, on Monday. Apparently, the next three weeks, that by experience, we have nothing new hear, because he was taken to Chelyabinsk. While he will arrive, this system works as a «black box», we know that it came in, but we don’t know what’s going on inside,» he said.

The lawyer also told what measures are being taken to release the Ukrainians.

«Despite the fact that my colleagues and I are preparing the documents for the European court, and a Supervisory appeal in the Russian Supreme court, still the experience is a bad hope. The only fast solution that is possible in the next couple of months, this kind of exchange, negotiated with politicians,» he said.

We will remind, in may 2016, the jury in Grozny (Russia) was convicted of the citizens of Ukraine Karpuk and Cliche. According to Russian investigators, they were members of the UNA-UNSO in late 1994 and early 1995, fought against Russian Federal forces in the armed forces proclaimed independence of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. According to the investigation, they participated in the fighting against Russian troops in Grozny, and in particular the battles in the area of the square «Minutka» and at the Presidential Palace.

Both deny all charges.

The human rights center «memorial», which reviewed the case materials Karpyuk and Cliche, came to the conclusion that the charges against them are fabricated and contrary to the real picture of the events of the First and Second Chechen wars. «Memorial» has recognized Cliche and Karpyuk political prisoners.

17 October during a court hearing on charges of Cliche in contempt of court, he said the refusal from his lawyer Marina Dubrovina. Klyh, which previously had mental breakdowns, said he «wants in his defenders of singer Stas Mikhailov«. Russian human rights activist, member of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow on control over observance of prisoners ‘ rights, Zoya Svetova , said that Klyh crazy because of the torture that it was used during the arrest and during the preliminary investigation.

October 26, judicial Board on criminal cases of the Supreme court dismissed an appeal against the sentence imposed by Ukrainian citizens Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klychu. «The verdict of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic against Karpyuk and Cliche to leave without change, the appeal – without satisfaction», – said the judge.

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine sent to Russia the request for the transfer home of Mykola Karpyuk, because this statement asked the brother of the convicted person.

On 16 November it became known that Cliche and Karpyuk in the Grozny SIZO-1 visited the Ukrainian consuls. Both prisoners signed documents for filing with authorities of their country’s complaint to the ECHR.

Lawyers do not know where they were taken Karpiuk, and when Klaha delivered to Chelyabinsk 10.01.2017

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