Lawyer Yanukovych said that he will be able to see with the case of treason no earlier than November 18,

Maxim Gerasim, Goodwood ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on charges of treason, was announced on September 27 the journalists that will be able to fully familiarize yourself with the case of treason not earlier than 18 November, reports the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

«I said at the first hearing, and now repeat, that for this case enough time – a minimum of three months. The court has restricted my right to examination, limited myself to deadlines, the court does not hear the attorney, the court, in violation of the right to protection started trial, started the examination of evidence, and it is an absolute violation of the right to protection and the basis for cancellation of the decision in the future,» he said.

Gerasko stated that the materials produced consist of 52 volumes.

«The court may appoint (a meeting of. – «GORDON») at least every day, but the lawyer can be prepared to this case, not otherwise in three months since his appointment – that is, as of 18 November 2017,» he said.

The trial of Yanukovych in fact began on 26 June. The decision on conducting the procedure of conviction of fugitive ex-President.

August 17 from the protection of the ex-President refused the state attorney Vitaly Machacek. He called the criminal proceedings are «particularly complex». He was replaced by Gerasko.

September 6, Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv postponed the hearing in the case of treason Yanukovych on September 21. The judge then accepted the arguments of Gerasko, who said that he needs time to familiarize with the case materials. Reporters gozzadini said that he may need three months.

At the meeting on 21 September, had rejected the request, Gerasko disqualification of judge Vladislav Devyatko and the exclusion from evidence of copies of certain documents, and videos.

Today, September 27, the trial continued.

In Ukraine against Yanukovych openly some criminal proceedings. He is accused of mass killings of citizens, misappropriation of state property, the seizure of power by unconstitutional means, the actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order.

Lawyer Yanukovych said that he will be able to see with the case of treason no earlier than November 18, 27.09.2017

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