Lawyer Painter: a feeling that the GPU is playing with Dobkin in the giveaway and helping to protect it

The majority of citizens of Ukraine are interested in possible assistance to the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin to the development of separatism in the country, and not his involvement in the allocation of land in Kharkiv, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the lawyer, the expert-criminologist Anna Painter.

«The majority of Ukrainians are there any questions for Dobkin in terms of its possible support of separatism. This participation in different meetings during the Maidan and its activities, when the war began and the Russian occupation. Activities Dobkin had to check law enforcement agencies and give public conclusion, to remove all questions of the citizens of Ukraine: it was on his part a violation of the territorial integrity of the country or not. But instead, three years later, we see charges Dobkin to use loopholes in the law for the free allocation of land for development. And this is a loophole, not breaking the law. It was used by many developers across the country,» said the Painter.

According to her, the statement of public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko that the victim from the actions Dobkin was the city of Kharkiv, is incorrect.

«Dobkin was accused that he took advantage of official position and influenced the deputies of Kharkiv city Council to take the necessary decisions to him. Of course, the consequence has to understand whether this is so. But it begs the question: why is the investigation of the events that occurred before the revolution, it has become urgent now? In addition, Dobkin was accused of fraud. He noted that in this case, it should be the victims. Commenting on the words of the MP, the attorney General said that the victim is the city of Kharkiv. From the point of view of criminal law, Lutsenko’s statement does not hold water: the city may not be victims,» – said the lawyer.

It does not exclude that the GPU has no real intentions to raise Dobkin to justice.

«Dobkin gives legally grounded answers, and generally looks very confident. He seems to have all the chances to refute accusations. I wonder why after the lifting of immunity of the MP was not arrested. It is not a violation of the law, but this situation looks strange. After all, the accused may meet with their potential partners, make some decisions and to destroy evidence of the crime if they, of course, up to this time still remained. All this together suggests that we see a PR, not a real desire to bring MP to justice. A feeling that the GPU is playing with Dobkin in the giveaway and helping to protect it. In recent criminal proceedings became part of the political technologies. And I think it applies to the case Dobkin. In any case, the MP in support of this goal uses information about its criminal prosecution», – said the Painter.

July 13, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest Dobkin.

Policy is charged with conspiracy to seize 78 hectares of land in Kharkiv worth over 220 million UAH. The prosecutors believe that in 2008, being on a post of the Chairman of the Kharkiv city Council, Dobkin contributed to the illegal alienation of land in the interests of housing co-operatives «Avantazh» and «Zhilstroy-1». Kharkiv newspaper «focus» wrote that «Avantazh» has received 12 sites, «Zhilstroy-1» – 24, many of them have already built a residential block of flats.

On 15 July the Pechersky regional court of Kiev chose Dobkina a measure of restraint in form of arrest for two months with the right to bail of 50 million UAH. The Prosecutor’s office asked to arrest him with a security Deposit of UAH 150 million.

Dobkin said that to pay a Deposit will not be, because he had no money. However, he did not rule out that the necessary sum will gather the others.

MP from «Opposition bloc» Vadim Novinsky has promised that he and his party will collect 50 million pledge to Dobkin escaped imprisonment in a detention center.

Lawyer Painter: a feeling that the GPU is playing with Dobkin in the giveaway and helping to protect it 17.07.2017

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