Lavrov doubts that on the road map agreed to on November 29. Kiev for a meeting ready

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov doubts that until November 29, will be able to agree on all parameters of the road map settlement in the Donbass.

However, he is willing to attend, Lavrov said at a press conference following talks with foreign Minister of Vietnam Pham Binh minim, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«The work is very tight, and I doubt that prior to November 29, it will be possible to agree in all respects, although we will do everything we can, but again, based on the understandings that were reached by the leaders,» – said the Russian foreign Minister.

«Remains a serious risk that it may once again be meeting for a reunion. However, if the rest of my colleagues in the «Normandy format» are ready to take that risk, then we’ll go to Berlin on 29 November,» – said Lavrov.

«RIA Novosti» reports that Moscow has received the proposal of Paris and Berlin to hold a meeting of foreign Ministers of «Norman Quartet» on November 29 in Minsk:

«We received a letter containing the invitation, which was signed by the foreign Ministers of Germany and France and is dated 18 November, if I’m not mistaken, but received it only the day before yesterday», – said Lavrov.

And a spokesman for the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Marian Betz confirmed on the air «112 Ukraine» on the willingness of Kiev to the meeting as a whole:

«Of course, the Ukrainian side is ready to conduct the meeting in «Norman format» level of foreign Ministers in the development of agreements between the presidents of the countries «Norman Quartet.» Specific date and venue, still subject to final approval».

«We are consulting on the level of experts regarding the road map. I think that soon we will reach a certain algorithm, and is already known regarding the date and venue of this meeting,» said Betz.

As reported, in early November, the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Olga aivazovska told about a fundamentally different vision of Kiev and Moscow «road map» for the Donbass, as well as the competence and functions of the armed of the OSCE mission.

«…Russia wants to keep this minimal mission consisted of several hundred people with light weapons. Ukraine intends to provide transit law, which will allow easy transfer all the power in ORDA under the actual jurisdiction of Ukraine», — Ayvazovskaya told.

She noted that the minimum part of the armed police of the OSCE mission, according to preliminary estimates of the Ukrainian side, should be 10 thousand people, and the best — 26 thousand «They will have to maintain visual control over 440 km of the border and order before, during and after the local elections in ORDA,» said Aivazovsky.

However, she noted that even if the composition of the mission should be 10-15 thousand people, «the budget will be hundreds of millions of euros», therefore to speak about possibility of its creation this year is not necessary in principle.

The representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group recalled that in the framework of the Minsk agreements at the interim stage, the control is not controlled by Ukraine’s border with Russia can only be in the hands of the OSCE. «But the police mission, which will be able to protect the border for a possible re-invasion of Russian troops», — said Aivazovsky.

«Negotiate «a road map» under a big question. The work is carried out, the parties have unprecedented initiative, but it guarantees (approval of the final version of the document – ed.) not,» she said.

We will remind, on October 26 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the meeting in the «Normandy format» in Berlin have outlined five key positions to include in the road map insists the Ukrainian side.

The representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group, former President Leonid Kuchma expressed the opinion that there will be not one, but three of the road map: Ukrainian, Russian and Franco-German. «There is no certainty that it will be possible to find some kind of agreement at the level of foreign Ministers. But we can see the position of the Russian side, they are on the negotiations in Minsk all the time feel the strength of Ukraine», — said Kuchma.

Lavrov doubts that on the road map agreed to on November 29. Kiev for a meeting ready 24.11.2016

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