Latynina: what Putin is now trying to make the country easy to do in Gabon, but not in Russia

In modern Russia coexist incompatible things: the murder of opposition, repression, and the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky on the one hand, and gold medals at international Olympiads of schoolchildren on the other. About this in his program «access Code» on radio «Echo of Moscow», said a Russian writer and journalist Yulia Latynina.

«Consistent high spots that still get young and Russian mathematics and Russian young programmers…, after which they, as a rule, of course, a descent offer and training contracts abroad as they are consistent with the country where the killing of Boris Nemtsov? As they are consistent with the country where the Minister of culture and Dr. Belgorod Sciences, Mr. Medina says that «there is historical truth and what is propaganda, is the truth?» Which, incidentally, is absolutely unique that not happened even Orwell in «1984»… And as is generally consistent, there, with the cancellation of the premiere in the play «Nureyev»? As it is generally consistent with the priests who sought, there I do not know of the prohibition of the pious plant of condoms,» she said.

According to the writer, these things are not consistent in any way, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin is actively promoting ignorance.

«They are incompatible, sooner or later one of them must die. And I hope that will die, it will be not just our high place in the competitions in chemistry. And this is important, because what Putin is now trying to make the country, that now the Kremlin is trying to make the country (betting on obvious ignorance, betting on the absolute arrogance), it’s easy to do in Gabon, it is easy to do in Palestine, in the middle East. It’s still not so easy to do in Russia, which, however strange it may seem, even in Soviet times, when there was a terrible cannibalistic ideology, even in Soviet times, loved science and loved the technique, loved the progress,» – said Latynina.

She added that in Russia trying to build an analogue of an Islamist state on the model of Palestine.

«Islamism-Lite video we are trying to build. Yes? Palestine is simply not able to produce performances of this class and she is not able to defeat students in Olympiads on chemistry or programming. Venezuela, Gabon, Ivory Coast – well, just they demand? They are not present in this picture of the world», – said the publicist.

While Latynina said that despite the fact that Russia win in the Olympiads in chemistry and produce talented performances run the country «Medina and priests», and in the end, the talented people can go and easily find themselves in the West.

In June 2016 the analytical company Stratfor, based on data from Rosstat, said that from Russia leave educated, technologically trained people working in the computer industry and other advanced sectors of the economy. Also cited statistics according to which in 2015 have left Russia to 350 thousand people a year earlier – 300 thousand, in 2013 – 200 thousand

In October, the Russian Committee of civil initiatives said that the official data on emigration from Russia is underestimated at times.

Latynina: what Putin is now trying to make the country easy to do in Gabon, but not in Russia 16.07.2017

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