Latynina: Well, resurrected Nikolai II. Whom he will rule? Tajiks?

For a while, until the President of Russia is Vladimir Putin, brought into the country large, alien ethno-cultural layer of migrants from Central Asia, who are kept as slaves. About it on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow», said Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

«883 times explained Putin: «Guys, what you are doing is very dangerous… Look what happen with those countries that had many slaves. Look who now lives in the Caribbean, see who now lives in Jamaica. You ruin Russian civilization, Russian culture,» she said.

The publicist added that Russian nationalists is this problem concerned the release of the film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda».

«Here is our unfinished nationalists who are very concerned about the posthumous fate of Nicholas II who are protesting against the film «Matilda». Well, let rise again Nikolai. Whom he will rule? Tajiks? He in the morning will say resurrected? Allahu Akbar?» she said.

Latynina noted that the Kremlin understands what is happening, because on all channels talk about «the West, who surrendered to the Islamists.»

«And exactly at the time when the attacks occur with the participation of natives of Central Asia, when all of this happens at home, we are going to give citizenship to all those born on the territory of the USSR. The author of the law, attention to the stage, the applause, Natalia Poklonskaya. The same Polonskaya, in which there is a bust of Nicholas streaming myrrh? Wants to the citizens of Russia have 50 million Muslims from Central Asia», – said the journalist.

According to Latynina, the law is moving to provide a «friends of Putin and big business» cheap labor, even though slavery is not beneficial to Russia itself.

«The lower the level of mechanization and advancement of workers, the poorer will be the Russians, the more they will depend on the state. And here sociological dependence is very simple: the less developed people, the more they look at the psycho on the downtrodden natives of the Central Asian villages, the more they vote for Putin,» she said.

The publicist said that the vote in Moscow the districts of the intelligentsia voted for opposition candidates, and the districts that are home to many of the lumpen – for the «United Russia».

«The third reason why everything is imported. It is absolutely simple. Well, of course, that migrants voted for Putin (Russian citizens)… due to the stagnation of the economy and of the votes of Abaranov equivalent to 50-60 voices of native Russian citizens, due to the very large religious and ethnic problems in the future (ever have to rake it)… All, of course, the current regime will say «thank you», and it is precisely the achievement of Putin», – summed it.

20 September, it was reported about detention of the leader of the «Christian state Holy Russia» Alexander Kalinin calls to burn the theaters that decided to show the film «Matilda», a story about the relationship of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Poklonskaya said that the radicals, who called to burn the cinema in the film «Matilda», the police arrested her Deputy request.

The MP complained about the movie «Matilda» to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. The film is directed by the Teacher claims that Russia supports and provides cover for a terrorist organization, and the protests against his film «Matilda» are the only reason for this organization to Express themselves. Poklonskaya said that the people involved in illegal actions because of the movie «Matilda», needs to stop.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called lawlessness, censorship and pressure on the state of threats made to the creators of the movie «Matilda», as well as theaters that were to show a picture.

Latynina: Well, resurrected Nikolai II. Whom he will rule? Tajiks? 25.09.2017

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