Latynina: Theft in Russia has macroeconomic effects

The Russian economy is suffering not because of sanctions and falling ruble, but because of the actions of state-owned companies. This Russian journalist Yulia Latynina said on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«Theft in Russia has macroeconomic effects. If you give a trillion Rothenberg (brothers-businessmen Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. – «GORDON») and do not save even 10 billion at the «Plato» if you put in schools for 30 thousand rubles (about 14 thousand UAH. – «GORDON») device, which costs $30 if you don’t pay subcontractors on contracts, if you are a state-owned company», she said.

The publicist said that the share of state companies in the economy of the Russian Federation is 65%.

According to Latynina, to avoid protests by truckers against the system «Platon» (tolls on Federal roads), state «these 10 billion would Rothenberg to any government order to attribute».

«It could be in the moment when it became clear that «Plato» displeases, just say: «Guys, we made a mistake here», and tell Rotenberg: «We will compensate». Instead, the state goes to the principle and Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») has publicly said that truckers work in the shadows and not paying taxes,» she said.

Latynina has noticed that «those people against whom sanctions were imposed, not just freed from paying Russian taxes, they were released and decided to return these taxes are paid retroactively».

«And since we don’t know the list of people who have had such a Paradise, it’s classified, we do not formally know, included in this list Rotenberg or not. Whether they received in addition to another trillion, and the taxes that they 2014 paid?» – asks the journalist.

Protests against the introduction of «Platon» in Russia are from the end of 2015.

Latynina: Theft in Russia has macroeconomic effects 01.10.2017

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