Latynina: the Evolution of Russia is very similar to the evolution of the country called Syria

New presidential term of Vladimir Putin will be based on a fundamentally different social basis, and Russia itself will go the way of Syria. This opinion was expressed on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow», the Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

«Putin was, no doubt, a wide social base somewhere in 2008. It is, of course, consisted of the majority. It’s basically «krymnashi» 85%, but, including, it is, of course, consisted of the business and bureaucratic elite, who did not want to rock the boat, which was all good, they had a large estate on the ruble, and they had large estates in Miami», she said.

The reporter noted that the current elite is not exactly like the arrest of film Director Kirill Serebrennikov and former Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, and in the West they are waiting for «the list of oligarchs.»

«Imagine yourself in the place… even the Russian technocrat, the bureaucrat, even a senior. And he understands that in any other government he would have no less, and obtained the support of President Putin more on those people who would have had nothing if another version of Russia’s development, that is, fathers Tikhonov (Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Georgy Shevkunov. – «GORDON»), turdakov (acting Secretary of «United Russia» Andrey Turchak. – «GORDON») is, of course, for the FSB,» – said Latynina.

According to the journalist, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov not coincidentally, was recently interviewed on «the heroic NKVD» who fought the pests and agents of «foreign powers.»

«This is the Manifesto of a country where rule bodies, where security forces are the highest authority, which could regulate business, but not large, of course, directly regulates Putin, but medium and small. And here is the evolution of the country, I thought, very similar to the evolution of the country called Syria,» she said.

Latynina recalled that in Syria, the first building socialism.

«Then came Bashar al-Assad, socialism crumbled. And what is most important in the history with Assad – that he was too weak to hold the security forces… Syria has become a place of absolutely of the power of chaos. And then, it turned out that the state in which the ruling, robbing and eating the elite are the only enforcers, it is not compatible with modern, normal, civilized world, and because it is not built normal, modern, civilized world, it is ISIS, who promises heaven on earth right now without any civilization,» she summed up.

Latynina: the Evolution of Russia is very similar to the evolution of the country called Syria 24.12.2017

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