Latynina: Russia, which has launched once the first cosmonaut, can not maintain a normal European aircraft

The Russian elite close to President Vladimir Putin, registers its aircraft are not in Russia, and offshore in the Isle of man, because «VAT return». About it on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow», said Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

That «almost the entire top of the Russian Forbes list of the acquired companies on the Isle of man for their private jets», became known after studying Russian «the New newspaper» documents legal company Appleby, known as the «Archive of the Paradise Islands».

«Guys, but first question: are you ruled by Russia. Well, punch the same conditions to Russia and register them in Russia. Yes? Because it turns out that «Plato» (charging for travel on Federal highways of Russia. – «GORDON») can punch Rothenberg (brothers-businessmen Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. – «GORDON»), and the system of normal registration of aircraft in Russia, the VAT for planes – no,» – said Latynina.

According to her, aircraft registration in the European Union there is another reason.

«The aircraft must be operated in the EU, because in Russia there is no base to keep them in good condition. That is survived: Russia, which has launched once the first cosmonaut, not in normal condition to maintain a normal European aircraft», – said the publicist.

She suggested approaching the authorities come to address this question to Putin.

«Planes are workplaces, this way, skilled jobs. Let’s abolish VAT, import equipment specialists teach, right? All will be well. No, «Plato» there are no planes. In my opinion, this is the story of the aircraft… shows actually how these people scored for Russia. Here, they are fenced off by walls of palaces, and they, in fact, anyway, they don’t know what happens behind the walls of these palaces, and I don’t want to know. They call themselves patriots, but their actions prove far more than their statements,» – said Latynina.

The archive, which is known under the title the Paradise Papers («Archive Paradise Islands»), received from anonymous sources, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The publication has shared information with the International consortium of investigative journalists. Over the files worked for more than 380 journalists from 67 countries.

The results of the investigations published on 5 November.

According to published documents, the richest people of a planet hidden in offshore accounts almost €7.9 trillion. Multinationals every year transferred to «tax havens» €600 billion, the documents appear the names of such companies as Nike, Apple, Uber, Facebook, Siemens, Allianz, Bayer and Deutsche Bank.

«Tax haven» used by more than 120 politicians from about 50 countries, as well as businessmen, members of aristocratic families, artists and fraudsters, according to the material.

The European Union because of the «tax havens» annually loses €60 billion in taxes on profits of enterprises, which is approximately equal to 20% of contributions from companies in the EU, wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Latynina: Russia, which has launched once the first cosmonaut, can not maintain a normal European aircraft 12.11.2017

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