Latynina: results, like Putin, has achieved one of the rulers of Russia from the time of the surrender to the Golden Horde

The sentence to murderers of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov is «absolutely fake,» said a Russian writer and journalist Yulia Latynina in the program «access Code» on the radio «Echo of Moscow».

«When we understand that Zaur Dadaev gets 20 years instead of life, it means that he will serve his sentence in Chechnya. How long he’ll be out in Chechnya and whether it will be met with a red carpet at the ramp, we can bet on this thing,» she said.

According to the writer, Nemtsov is a Testament to the surrender of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Chechnya.

«The verdict is, like everything else, is the evidence of complete surrender Putin to Chechnya… What did they say that Boris Yeltsin lost the war with Chechnya? Well at least he lost the war for independence he didn’t have such a situation in which Russia occupied Chechnya. All these outstanding results were not achieved one of the rulers of Russia since then, as we surrendered to the Golden Horde,» she said.

Latynina added that in the nineteenth century, the captured leader of the Caucasian highlanders Imam Shamil was brought to Petersburg, where he threw up his hands and said, «I didn’t know that I fought with such a huge country.»

«This is revenge for Imam Shamil, which is happening now, is the conquest of Russia – it is, well, sooner or later, will end with a new war and a new liberation struggle. The question, of course, just who will live up to this war? Because, of course, when the Investigation Committee meets Alexei Navalny that the people who splashed him with green paint, failed to install, then, in General, this means that Russia is open season for the physical elimination of enemies of the regime», – said the publicist.

She added that the Russian propagandists claim that «Geyrope all give up under the onslaught of militant Islam.»

«I still would say that Geyrope or here in these United States I did not remember to be able to suspect someone from the presidents of the United States that one of his governors, to please the President, killed one of the leaders of the opposition» – summed up Latynina.

Nemtsov was shot dead near the Kremlin late on February 27, 2015.

According to the decision of the court of 13 July 2017, the killer Nemtsov Zaur Dadaev received 20 years of a colony of a strict mode. The prosecution has asked to appoint to it lifelong imprisonment. Dadaev was a soldier of the Chechen battalion of internal troops «the North» and the order of Courage, but the court stripped him of his rank of Lieutenant and rewards.

Partners Dadaeva, brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubareva, received 19 and 16 years in prison, respectively, Temirlan Eskerkhanov 14 years, Khamzat – 11 years old.

According to investigators, the murder of Nemtsov was a contract and for its execution Dadaev promised 15 million rubles. the Organizer of the crime, I believe the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, was the driver of the commander Dadaev in the Chechen battalion «Sever» Ruslan muhudinov.

The family’s lawyer Nemtsov Vadim Prokhorov urged not to exaggerate the role Muhudinov in the murder of opposition. He believes that he could not be a customer of the crime.

«Novaya Gazeta» wrote that the order for the murder of Nemtsov «was put out to tender» and his performance came from, presumably, the Deputy commander of the battalion «North» Alibek Delimkhanov Ruslan Eremeev.

Latynina: results, like Putin, has achieved one of the rulers of Russia from the time of the surrender to the Golden Horde 16.07.2017

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