Latynina: Bulk – the only real opposition candidate for President of Russia

Of all the Russian opposition’s chances for success in the presidential elections of 2018 has only Alexei Navalny. This Russian journalist Yulia Latynina said on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«Bulk, from my point of view – the only real opposition candidate for President of Russia. It is in fact, it’s not in theory. I would be very happy if in opposition, there were several candidates that organize people are the real work, creating staff, take people to the streets (or rather, have a resource to bring people to the street), have a structure similar to the FBC (Foundation for the fight against corruption Navalny. – «GORDON»)», – she said.

Latynina noted that only Bulk removes commercials about the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev, businessmen Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, and the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

She expressed hope that other opposition members, who were elected in the municipal elections in Moscow, «there is nothing to negotiate» with the Bulk.

The journalist Ksenia Sobchak Latynina doesn’t consider a real candidate at this stage.

«Navalny goes on a tour of all cities. He collects thousands of rallies. He was arrested. This election campaign. My first question is: and, behold, Ksenia Sobchak leads the campaign? The election campaign is a huge pile of work,» – said the publicist.

13 December 2016 Navalny announced the decision to participate in elections of the President of Russia. He said that goes to the polls «program on how to make Russia a fair and modern.»

1 September 2017 the Russian «Vedomosti», citing a source in the presidential administration and close to it experts wrote that the Kremlin is considering five to seven women candidates, who could resist the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin on elections of the head of the Russian Federation in 2018. According to sources, agreed on the candidacy of women who are not in one of the parties. «Ideal» called the TV presenter Sobchak.

September 6, the TV channel RTVI, citing a source in the Kremlin reported that Sobchak will announce the participation in elections in the near future. She allegedly serves the same role that was billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov in the 2012 elections. The businessman has gained 7.98% of the votes, Sobchak may gain 8-9% with the right campaign, claimed the source.

The presenter has said several times afterwards that he plans to run for President. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted that it is not against the possible participation of the presenter in the elections.

21 September on his YouTube channel Navalny commented on the information media about the plans Sobchak to compete for the presidency. He said that the TV presenter has decided to participate in «disgusting game called «let’s bring on the election of liberal mockery,» and also described her liberal views as «cannibalistic».

The Russian presidential election will be held on 18 March 2018.

Latynina: Bulk – the only real opposition candidate for President of Russia 01.10.2017

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