Latvian military will be allowed to shoot down drones

The commander of the National armed forces of Latvia will be able to decide on a forced landing or the destruction of an unmanned aircraft (drone) or aircraft of another type that is not classified as aircraft. The relevant amendments to the draft law «On aviation» the government of Latvia will consider Tuesday, February 9, reports

The Ministry of defence reports that unmanned aircraft threaten military airfields and aviation sites, and also raise risks of uncontrolled intelligence activities and threats integrated security features.

Because to take action against an unmanned aircraft that is disruptive to the ban on flights, NCC within its competence in the framework of military facilities, and control unmanned aircraft such persons are located outside military facilities, we need a comprehensive inclusion of the responsible bodies.

Therefore, under the bill the rules will include the procedure of identification of unmanned aircraft by technical means NPOs and, if necessary, its destruction.

Recall that among Latvia’s priorities in 2016 — a long and significant military presence of NATO on the territory of the country.

Earlier also it was reported that the Baltic sky will patrol U.S. drones.

Latvian military will be allowed to shoot down drones 08.02.2016

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