Latvia rejects the teaching of the Russian language in schools and affirms the failure of the project «Latgale»

New Latvian government under the leadership of Marisa Kuchinskisa (the Union «green» and krestyanami//sacs) will develop a transition plan for a uniform standard of education in the Latvian language in state and municipal schools and begin its implementation. This commitment is included in the final draft of the government Declaration, reports on February 9, 2016 Delfi.

The document notes that the coalition partners took note of the dissenting opinion of the national Association VL-«tevzemei brivibaj University»/LNNK (VL-TB/LNNK) that begin the transition to teaching in Latvian in state and municipal schools have until September 1, 2018. Also taken note of the dissenting opinion of the Association about the need to cancel the issuance of residence permits for the purchase of property.

Support the national Association, these regulations and relevant changes in the regulations will not be considered a violation of the coalition agreement.

Declaration of the government, it is planned to sign 11 February, when the Sejm will vote on its adoption.

The Latvian authorities also state about the failure of the secessionist project of the Russian special services associated with the creation in the East of the so-called «Latgale people’s Republic» («Latr»).

«Despite the fact that trying to update the theme of Latgalian separatism and divide the residents of the Eastern region of Latvia are undertaken regularly, the Latgalians do not Express support for such ideas», — said the national security Police in connection with the release of the new film World War Three: Inside The War Room of the British channel BBC-2, where Russia is attacking Latvia to help programisci-minded separatists in the East of the country.

In its report, the IB recognizes that this film has caused a wide resonance in the Latvian society, and some individuals are trying to use it «for the promotion of their marginal ideas,» he added in conversation with BNS, the representative of the intelligence service of the League Peterson.

While the BOP does not believe that past various cases of raising the topic «Latgalian separatism» are systematically implemented by the campaign.

As reported, the TV show BBC-2 plays a hypothetical, fictional situation is a hybrid of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against a sovereign Latvia. The shooting of the film lasted for several hours in the same room, seat of the «defence Committee». «War game» is conducted in the film by all the rules of dramatic genre: the actors are Russian-speaking residents of Latvia.

Throughout the film, chanting «Russia! Russia!», the crowd moves to change the flags over the city hall building of Daugavpils and take control of not only this city but other cities and towns in the East of the country and the border with Russia. Appeals to some sort of Latgale-Russian Union and the referendum on recognition of «Latgale people’s Republic».

With the turn of events and need to first deal with the participants of the war game. At the table presided the ex-British Ambassador to the USA Christopher Meyer, its task is to formulate questions that occasionally come to a vote.

The main question that arises before the characters in the film from the very beginning of the discussions is the implementation of the fifth article of the NATO Treaty, whereby an attack on one member treated as an attack on the entire organization.


With regard to the situation in Eastern Europe, according to Western politicians and experts, after Ukraine and Georgia is the most threatening in terms of safety the situation here in Latvia. Note, that Russian speakers make up about 30% of Latvia’s population. Approximately the same number of citizens of this country, according to sociologists, in varying degrees, supported the imperialism of Vladimir Putin.

As stated the end of September 2015 GDP commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, following the appearance of «little green men» can be Latvia. In particular, the Russian intelligence promote the project of creating the so-called «Latgale» in the East of the country.

As reported by the Latvian media, about 30-40 supporters of education fake «Latgale» from ethnic Russians in 2014 fought for hire at Donetsk Pro-Russian terrorist group «DNR». Most of them have already returned to their homes, but so far none of these persons are not prosecuted.

The police claimed that she only knows about five Grado Latvia, participated in the fighting in the Donbass. This is Ayo Benes («Black Lenin»), Gregory Kosnikowski («Hunter»), Valentin Milyutin («Vasek»), Vyacheslav Vysotsky («Gray») and Anatoly Matykowski.

The Alliance on the territory of Latvia have a base of Anji, where is housed the American tanks and other armored vehicles.

Republicans, in particular, the candidate in presidents of the United States Ben Carson , and other known policy require to increase the number of armored troops in the region, as well as «put in there air defence system».

«… First of all, I would have tried to besiege him (Putin — ed.) in the entire Baltic region,» emphasized Carson.

Latvia rejects the teaching of the Russian language in schools and affirms the failure of the project «Latgale» 09.02.2016

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