Landik: in February 2014 Yefremov agreed with Glazyev capture Lugansk and spheres of influence

The former head of fraction of Party of regions in the Verkhovna Rada and ex-Governor of Lugansk region Alexander Efremov has agreed on the takeover of the area by Russian troops.

In an interview with said the ex-the regional Vladimir Landik.

«In February 2014 in Lugansk, there was a gathering. Came brother (Natalia) Royal (Konstantin Royal, former Deputy Minister of regional development of Russia – ed.) and Sergey Glazyev, Advisor to Putin, which often we have traveled. They met with Ephraim, and to agree how to divide the assets after the overthrow of the Ukrainian authorities in Lugansk», – he said.

Landik added that this meeting was held in the mansion Ephraim.

According to him, the Russians allegedly promised Ephraim control over Lugansk after the invasion.

And distributed: who of local businesses will get mine, who Severodonetsk «Nitrogen». In Lugansk people Department stores, some markets. And Efremov under the guarantees Putin had promised this «redistribution» of their environment,» he said.

Landik assured, what the information said «the closest Ephraim, the people» and that he handed it to SBU, but was asked not to distribute it. Also, the ex-MP said that the Service has a recording of this meeting.

According to him, after the capture of Lugansk, the Russians deceived Ephraim.

«And here’s what happened: when in Lugansk Putin came in, he threw Ephraim. Went Russian, Blatta and our slidot, please: «Rob! Kill!» And those who believed Ephraim, all away, all cut up for scrap. And Putin has a simple excuse: «Ukrainian army is not allowing us in Kiev, so I do not promise to fulfill – force majeure!» he added.

Landik also said that directly the separatist movement in Luhansk region financed the leadership of the POR and the Communist party, particularly the leader of Lugansk Communist Spiridon Kilinkarov, who, according to Landik, was getting money in bags in the Kyiv office of the leader of KPU Peter Simonenko.

In particular, according to the former Deputy Kilinkarov in his presence gave packets of money, the first Secretary of Rubizhne city town Committee of KPU Nelly Tuffnut, who then proclaimed himself «Minister of foreign Affairs of LNR».

Landik also said that Kilinkarov, which «now goes quietly to Moscow and pouring shit on Ukraine,» continues to live in his apartment in Kiev. He also says that this apartment Kilinkarov received with the assistance of Ephraim.

The former MP said that several times was the Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov and interior Minister Arsen Avakov told about these actions of Ephraim, but «they are not interested».

As reported, on 31 March, the chief of the office of special investigations the Main investigation Department of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said that the criminal proceedings against Ephraim on incitement of ethnic hatred is closed as a forensic examination did not see in his remarks of incitement to hatred.

Against Ephraim opened two proceedings: the fact of falsification of results of voting in the Verkhovna Rada for «dictatorial laws» 16 of January 2014 and for abuse of power or official position in the procurement of state enterprise «Luganskugol» provision of services for installation of mining equipment and low-voltage equipment.

As stated on February 18 Gorbatyuk, the Prosecutor’s office believes that the court is deliberately delaying the trial of Ephraim, who is accused of rigging a vote for «dictatorial laws» on January 16, 2014.

On 26 February the Pechersky regional court of Kiev refused to consider criminal proceedings on the «announcer’s laws» and decided to refer the case for determination of jurisdiction in the court of appeal.

Landik: in February 2014 Yefremov agreed with Glazyev capture Lugansk and spheres of influence 01.06.2016

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